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Buckeye Brat single place powered parachute

Configuration Single seat
Empty Weight 285 lbs.
Gross Weight 400 lbs.
Canopy Span ft.
Canopy Area 500 sq.ft.
Canopy Loading .80 lbs. per sq. ft
Standard Engine 503 Rotax
Power 50 hp
Power Loading 8 lbs. per hp.
Cruise Speed 34 mph.
Rate of Climb at Gross Weight 900 fpm.
Take Off Distance 200 ft.
Landing Distance 100 ft.
Kit Type - Build Time Fully Assembled
Field Set up from trailer 20 minutes 1 person
First kit delivered October 02
Standard Features  
Ceramic exhaust, single strobe, bucket seat, ground adjustable IVOPROP shock absorbers, 4 point harness, upper fuselage bar
Prop spinner, dual strobes, fuel gauge, trim tabs, battery box cover, customer colours, handicap controls.
Bolt together aluminum tube construction
Contact Information
Buckeye Aviation, Inc.
10478 16th Road
Argos, Indiana 46501
Ph. (574) 892-5460
(574) 892-5797

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