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The B1-RD home page -
For all you B1-RD lovers there is now a page on the web just for   you.

For Lazair Lovers
It was in 1978, in Canada, that Dale Kramer designed the Lazair, one of the first twin-engine ultralights. Though it was introduced before Part 103 came into being, the Ultraflight Sales Ltd. Lazair was a true pioneer, an airplane which helped define the ultralight class.

Shadow Owners page
Interested in a Shadow - then check out this page.

Skypup - Welcome to the International Sky Pup Yard ( ISPY ).  My name is Edwin and I live in Caledonia, Michigan (southeast of Grand Rapids).  I chose the Sky Pup because I like the looks of it, it is an engineered aircraft, it is cheap to build compared to most other ultralights out there, and is supposed to be fairly simple to build for the first-timer (me).  It is made of wood and Styrofoam and is covered using “sheath lining” (used as suit jacket lining).

Kolb Mailing List  - Hello and welcome. My name is Matt Dralle (draw'-lee) and I'd like to welcome you the Kolb-List Web Page. Please have a look around at some of the interesting things here including an Kolb-List subscription form, a browser for the Kolb-List Archive file, and a number of Kolb Graphics. Enjoy!

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Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index A-E
  • ABS Aerolight: French aviation manufacturer construction and designs in UAVs PPC and more.
  • Aero Sports Connection: Supporting the ultralight flying community for the good of the ultralight community.
  • Aero-Works, Inc.: Aerolite-103 single seat p-103 ultralight aircraft. Fast assembly, easy to fly, easy on the budget.
  • Aerotrike - Rainbow Aircraft: Ultralight aircraft groups, ultralight aircraft web pages, ultralight aircraft websites.The Aerotrike was the trike designed and flown by Mike Blyth on his epic Cape to Cape ultralight expedition.
  • Affordaplane: A truly Affordable high performance alum tube and fabric airplane! The site has construction pics, lots of info.
  • Air Bridge: Choose a trike for youself or a good cheap wing for trike from Russia.
  • Airborne Windsports Pty Ltd: Manufacturers of Australian CASA approved microlights (trikes) and Certified hang gliders.
  • AirRahe Ultralight Airport: In Michigan, 31 ultralights based here. A dealer for Challenger ultralights. New and used.
  • Airsports Flying School: Ultralight flight training and aircraft hire at Sunbury Airfield By Appt Only, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Alaska Trike Flying: Ultralight trike flying in Alaska.
  • A&M Airsports Ltd.M: Sells, services and trains on Air Creation, Airborne, and Pegasus Trike/Flexwing Microlight Aircraft 60 miles SW of Chicago , IL.  
  • Arctic Sparrow Aircraft, Inc.: Alaska's largest ultralight instruction and dealership center.
  • Atlanta Ultralights: Atlanta's premier ultralight flight training center. Flightstar authorized dealer.
  • Austin Air Sports: Train with us in central Texas.
  • Aviación Experimental Argentina: Argentine ultralight and experimental aviation.
  • Aviation Products: Ultralight trikes.
  • Aviazione Leggera On Line: Italian Ultralight Home Page, in Italian and English. This site is dedicated to powered ultralight flight .
  • A-Z Ultralight Classifieds: Classifieds.
  • B1-RD Watchers Home Page: Robertson B1RD and B2RD ultralight: information, specs, updates, pilot profiles, pictures, history, idea exchange, links etc.
  • Bay Area Rotorcraft & Ultralight Club: Located in Saginaw Bay area of Michigan.
  • The Bear Trike Exposé: Details on how shoddy cheap parts make the Bear Trike kit a very unsafe-to-fly ultralight.
  • B&F Technik und Vertriebs GmbH: FK-Leichtflugzeuge: manufacturer of FK 9-Mark3, FK 12 and FK 14.
  • Boyer Flight Park: A fun place to fly, offers ultralight fixed wing training along with powered parachute training.  
  • CGS Aviation: Home of the CGS Hawk Ultralight aircraft.
  • The Challenger: About the QCU's Challenger group.
  • Calgary Ultralight Flying Club: For those interested in building and flying ultralights. Calgary Alberta Canada.
  • Dansk Ultralet Flyver Union: The Danish Ultralight Flying Association.
  • Dayton Ultralight Club: Includes calendar, links, contacts, photos, and news of the DUC activities.
  • Diamond Lakes Aviation: #1 in Ultralight sales and service. Hot Springs, AR.
  • Drive & Fly Luftfahrt GmbH: The European Dealer for the Ultravia Pelican Sport Aircraft, we are also specialised in flight training, maintenance & accessories.
  • DUC Hélices: The high-performance, high-tech ultralight propeller.
  • DULV - Deutscher Ultraleichtflugverband: The official homepage of the German Ultralight Association. Information about Ultralight airports flight schools, regulations and Databases.
  • Durham Associates Group: Microlighting news stories tips and accessories on-line.
  • Dwayne's Plane: Providing information regarding the Challenger II aircraft. 
  • East Tennessee Ultralites: Flight instruction in TN. Authorized dealer of Challenger aircraft.
  • The European Ultralight Site: All about ultralight flight in Europa, in 5 languages.
  • Excalibur Aircraft: Excalibur is an ultralight/experimental kitplane that is very popular and priced very competitively. An outstanding two-place.
Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index F-I
  • Flight - Ability: List of disabled Pilots.
  • Flight Team: A distributor for SINUS ultralight motor glider and SPIDER trikes in northern Bavaria.
  • Flightstar Inc.: Our goal is to produce high-quality sport planes in ready-to-assemble kits. Ellington Airport, CT.
  • Florida Flying Gators: Amphibious experimental and ultralight aircraft flying club in central Florida. FAA Identifier: 3FD4
  • Fly For Fun: Ultralight flying school in Czech republic. Accommodation on airport available. We are teaching in English on Zephyr planes.
  • FlyDiver Enterprises: Apex trikes - sales and training - Olympia, WA.
  • flyingbusdriver.com: See a Norwegian busdriver build and fly an ultralight aircraft.
  • FUL: The active flightschool in northern Germany; distributer of Graffiti Trikes and A22.
  • Gateway Area Ultralight Association: St.Louis Illinois flying club with over 80 members.
  • Georgia Sport Flyers Association: Atlanta-area ultralight flying club with over 70 members. 
  • GibboGear: Introducing the new Swing Wing 17. Located in Lake Wales, FL.
  • The Graal: A rigid self-launching one-seater glider, conforming to french and FAI ultralight rules.
  • Graybird Airsports Inc. A full-service Aerotow Hang Gliding and Ultralight flight training center located in Florida.
  • Great Valley Ultralights: Instruction Rental and Club. Madera Airport in Madera, CA.
  • Golden Circle Air, Inc.: Ultralights, Light Aircraft and Buckeye Powered Parachutes. De Soto, Iowa.
  • Hairless Dog Productions: Experience the freedom of the world's most unique flying machines - Ultralight Trikes.
  • Hatherleigh Consultants Ltd.: CAVOK-10 ultralight motorglider with L/D=40.
  • HKS Aviation CO.; Ltd.: Official Home Page. Get information on HKS 700E which is 60hp, light-weight, 4-stroke engine.
  • Houston Area Light Flyers: USUA Club #011, one of the oldest continuously operating ultralight flying clubs in the nation. In Houston, Texas.
  • HPOWER, Ltd.: The exclusive distributor for HKS for North and South America for the HKS-700E. Headquarters are in Ellington, CT.
  • Husker Ultralight Club: USUA Club 140 in south central Nebraska.
  • Interplane, LLC: Offers two "ready-to-fly" versions of the Skyboy.
  • Iser'ULM: Ultralight Flying club in the French Alps.


Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index K-O
  • Kentuckiana Ultralight Inc.: Challenger ultralight dealer in Southern Indiana. Serving all of kentuckiana. Ready to fly or kits.
  • KNVvL Afdeling ULV: The ultra light page for the Netherlands (as a part of the KNVvL).
  • Light Aircraft Flyers Association, Inc.: We're an ultralight club based out of Homestead, FL, with 157 members. EAA Chapter 103.
  • Lightstuff Aviation: An Ultralight Flight School on the Texas Gulf Coast, Hou/Gal area. 
  • Microlight Aero Team: The Worlds first and only Microlight Aero Team performing formation flying with 5 trikes.
  • Microlight Scotland: Fly for fun with West and central Scotland's only microlight school, based at Cumbernauld Airport near Glasgow.
  • Microlighting in South Africa: Contains facts and information about flying microlight (ultralight) aircraft in South Africa, as well as stories, pictures etc.
  • Morava Zlin Aero Service sro: Construction of SAVAGE(ulm)in Cz.Republic, very close in appareance to Piper Cub plane.
  • Morden Flying Club: Ultralight Training Unit - a group of aviation enthusiasts in the Morden area, Canada.
  • Northeast SkyCruisers, LLC: Serving the Northeastern USA with quality 2-axis ultralight aircraft including powered paragliders and motorized hang glider trikes. Randolph, VT.
Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index P-Q
  • PC - AERO: Pretty Flight: all metal ultralight aircraft, the ideal ultralight.
  • Pegasus Aviation Indonesia: Promoting flying activity in Indonesia through the use of Pegasus (UK) trikes and 3 axis aircraft. Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Personal Flight, Inc.: We are an ultralight aircraft dealer. Sky-Bikes, Trikes, Paramotors, paragliders, etc.
  • Phantom Aeronautics LLC: Ultralight, experimental and light sport aircraft manufacturer.
  • Phoenix Microlights: Based on the Derbyshire Nottinghamshire border, UK, Phoenix offers full microlight flight training.
  • Plans Delivery: Download your ultralight aircraft plans and build it yourself.
  • Plein Air: Dutch homepage for ultralight school - flying in the Pegasus Quantum 912.
  • Polaris Motor S.r.l.: The manufacturer of the FIB: Flying Inflatable Boat.
  • Precision Composite Inc.: We design & mfg. custom composite parts. Wheelpants, Fuel tanks etc.
  • PrecisionTech Aircraft, Inc.: Manufacturers of the "Fergy II" ultralight kit.
  • Quicksilver Mfg.: Worlds largest ultralight manufacturer.
Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index R-T
  • Rainbow Chaser Ultralights: Challenger Sales and Service.Rep for Hornet, Grand Rapids EIS and Stits.
  • RAND KAR sarl: AIR ultralight 3 axis. X-Air is a two seater, three axis ultralight of tube and dacron construction, available in a kit form.
  • Raven Rotorcraft & Redrives Inc.: Presently designing a single place ultralight gyroplane as well as a reduction drive unit for the Geo Metro/Suzuki auto engine to convert it for a wide rang of homebuilt aircraft. .
  • Scott's Trike Center: Your NC dealer of PersonalFlight Products.
  • Shark Bait Page: Ed Dart's Trike Page. Cross country flights from Hemet California.
  • Shoestring Aviation: A small ultralight Airfield By Appt Only, located in south York county, PA.
  • Silent by Alisport: Ultralight glider from Italy, the Silent is the first ultralight glider in the world having a glide ratio of more than 30/1.
  • Sky Quest Aviation: Dealer of Challenger ultralights/experimental aircraft kits.
  • Sky Riders: Sky Riders based in South Africa, offers professional microlight training and sales.
  • Sky Paths Inc.: Pathmaker JK-05 2 seater composite construction ultralight sportplane 1232 lbs, sales, service, training.
  • SkyRider Ultralights, Inc.: Ultralight training based in Camarillo California with courses from beginner to advanced. 
  • SNPPAL - Syndicat National des Pilotes et Professionnels de l'Aviation Légère: French Trade-Union for professionnal pilots, Ultralights and Para/Hang-gliding.
  • Solowings: Manufacture the Aquilla and Windlass weight shift flex-wing microlight trikes.
  • South Florida Ultralights, Inc.: Ultralight and Experimental sales, builder support and USUA certified flight instruction.
  • South Mississippi Light Aircraft: An Ultralight and Sport Aviation filght center. Aircraft, engines, accessories.
  • Southern California Ultralight: Challenger ultralight aircraft sales, parts, and accessories in the Southern California area.
  • Southern Landings: Ultralight friendly airports, airparks and air fields in the southeastern USA.
  • Spartan, Inc.: Manufacturing for microlights, trikes, power paragliders and new systems.
  • Sun-Tech Innovations: Balance Masters is a prop and engine balancer. A must for ultralight safety and comfort.
  • Tennessee Propellers Inc.: Manaufacture of wooden propellers for Ultralights and distributor for Zenoah models G50C, G50D and G25B-1 ultralight two cycle engines.
  • Trike Ícaros Indústria Aeronáutica LTDA: The most traditional trike and wing manufacturer in Brazil, we came in the business in 1986. Let's appoint a trial flight.
  • TrikeAir Aviation Ltd.: Ontario Flight School and "Trike" sales of Aerotrike and Pegasus aircraft. Located just east of Toronto.
  • Tukan Trike Store, Inc.: Quality trikes, wings, engines, far below the rest. Carroll, IA.

Ultralight Websites - Microlight Websites
 Index U-Z

  • U.S. Ultralight Association: USUA is the organization whose members seek to "Promote, Protect and Represent" ultralight aviation in the United States.
  • Ustecka Letecka Ltd.: This runway, in the Czech Republic, which is at the moment is primarily used by ultralight aircraft.
  • U-FLY-IT Ultralights, Ltd.: Challenger dealer, featuring free assembly.
  • ULM France: Specialised in sales of new microlight or second hand.
  • ULM "Veleta": Aeroclub ULM Veleta - Granada.
  • Ultimate High Aviation: Southern Californias Hornet and Challenger dealer.
  • The Ultra-Light Flight Site: Information, news, links and pictures of Ultralight Flying. In English and Dutch.
  • Ultraleggeri Network: An Italian Ultralights web site. News, info, touring in Italian and English.
  • Ultraligero.Net: The biggest database to locate any resource related with the ultralight airplanes. All planes, photos, video crashes, art, media.
  • Ultralight Flyers of Alaska: Club supporting the safety and education of Ultralight flyers in Chugiak, AK.
  • Ultralight News.com: Ultralight information resource site.
  • Ultralight News.ca: Rotax engine information resource site.
  • Ultralight Flyer: Ultralight web video magazine
  • US Aviation: Ultralight soaring aircraft - the Cumulus ultralight motorglider and the Superfloater ultralight sailplane, plus the CAVU, a Part-103 legal ultralight just for fun.
  • Vintage Ultralight and Lightplane Association: Dedicated to rescuing and preserving technical information relating to amateur built light planes from the beginning to present.
  • Weedhopper USA Inc.: One of the oldest Companies in the US today. Weehopper is a two axis, legal ultralight weighing in at 252. Everything you need to fly for 6995 until Jan 1 2000.
  • Western Cape Microlight Club: Microlighting/Ultralite Flying In Cape Town South Africa.
  • Windward Performance, LLC: Home of the SparrowHawk high performance ultralight sailplane.
  • World Seair Corporation: Seair the flying boat - a revolutionary concept. Will train you at their Orlando, FL facility.
  • X-Air Australia: X-Air ultralight aircraft Australian dealers site.
  • Xtreme Air Sports LLC: Weight shift Flying Inflatable Boat (FIB) based in MI. We ship world wide. Polaris Motor SLR.
  • Yankee Ultralight Flyers Club: Information about the club and other links.

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