Teledyne engine 4 stroke, 4 cylinder ultralight aircraft engine.

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Vogel Electro Source offering Teledyne engine for ultralight aircraft.

Teledyne Engine - What is old is new again! For years ultralight pilots and manufacturers have been looking for a light, reliable, economical four stroke engine, in the 25 to 35 horsepower range. Well it seems that the U.S. government has had one sitting on their military surplus shelves for years!

A company called Vogel's Electro Source from Milford NH, was at Airventure with a little 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine, with a dry weight of 63 lbs. The 32 cubic inch displacement engines are military standard model #4A032-4. They come complete with electronic radio frequency suppressed, waterproof ignition, with shielded spark plugs, and put out about 20 horsepower with the standard carburetor.

But according to David Vogel with a little reworking of the heads, and a larger carburetor the engine can reach over 30 hp. When fire up on the test stand, (two blocks of wood bolted to the bottom of the engine,) the engine fired up and ran like a top. In fact even with NO rubber mounts at all and revving up to nearly 5,000 rpm the engine didn't move.

Parts are still readily available for the engine, according to David " a new head complete sells for $75.00 and you can rebuild the complete bottom end, rings, pistons, and connecting rods for $120.00."

David was offering a show special on the engine, with a prop hub, prop and engine accessories for for $1295.00 U.S.

For more information contact:

Vogel Electro Source
121 Mount Vernon Street
Milford NH 03055

For a web video interview on the Teledyne aircraft engine conversion subscsribe to the Ultralight Flyer web video magazine.

Teledyne engine 4 stroke, 4 cylinder ultralight aircraft engine.

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