Ultralight aircraft pusher propeller protection.
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Aircraft Propellers protecting your prop! Warp Drive Propeller Ultra Prop by Competition Aircraft Sensenich Wood and Composite Propellers.

Protecting your ultralight propeller - especially in a pusher configuration.

Propeller  protection for ultralights and ultralight aircraft.   With over 4 decades of flying ultralights under my belt I have been able to place a number of clocks made from propellers on my wall! While I sit here joking about it NOW, several of these could have lead to conclusions which someone else would have had to write about - because I would have had my own customized set of wings and halo! Well maybe not the halo. If you are flying an ultralight aircraft, weight shift trike, or powered parachute especially in a pusher configuration the following may aid you in NOT having to invest in wall clocks! One of the things that ultralight pilots may not realize is that because of the number of ultralight aircraft they have purchased since the introduction of ultralights, a niche market for supplying them with propellers has opened up. Thus they have a large variety of propellers to choose from. Ultralight propeller manufacturers produced props in wood, composite and a combination of both. These propellers are available in different lengths, and blade combinations, and are produced for engines from as small as 7 HP used on back pack powered parachutes to the Rotax 100 HP used on powered parachutes.
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