Spectrum Beaver RX 28, RX35, RX550, RX532, RX582 ultralight aircraft troubleshooting report. Kolb FireFly Ultralight - 12 ultralight aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck! Sting S3 light sport aircraft flight report and aircraft review by James Lawrence. Spectrum Beaver Ultralight Aircraft Safety Report. Beaver ultralight aircraft troubleshooting report.
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  Ultraviolet (UV) Protection for your ultralight aircraft.


While visiting a flying sight in Florida a friend asked me if I would like to fly his ultralight. The craft in question was less than a year old, but the fabric was badly faded on the top side. While doing a preflight I tripped and fell, in an attempt to prevent the fall, I grabbed the leading edge of the wing. MY FINGERS WENT RIGHT THROUGH THE FABRIC, In fact I able to run my baby finger along the fabric and tear it, with out any discomfort at all. 12 ultralight aircraft that give the biggest bang for the buck - Ultralight News.