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The L'il Buzzard ultralight trainer.

Top 10 reasons to consider a
 L'il Buzzard!

It's better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here.

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Quicksilver Spring on Air Tech Floats

UltralightNews presents our top rated award winning ultralights!

Award winning single place ultralights and ultralight aircraft.
There are many single place ultralight designs currently a market. For the novice there are several ways of choosing an ultralight, if you browse through UltralightNews you will come on our 10 point ultralight buyers guide system, buying used not abused, and several other articles which aid in the decision-making process. Some of these kits are available as plans built, other kits are bolt together aluminum tube type construction covered in dacron sailcloth, others are made from wood, and while another type of aircraft features a welded steel fuselage with standard stits and ceconite type covering materials.

So how does one go about rating each particular design or type of aircraft? That is very difficult it takes a lot of experience flying different designs, you have to have knowledge of the different types of building techniques, but probably most of all when you rate an ultralight you have to consider what type of flying that the pilot is intending on doing.

We will be dealing only with single place ultralights. To get on this list the design must be at least 5 years old, have at least 50 planes up and flying, and must "come close" to meeting the U.S. definition for an ultralight for weight.

One type is the slow wide-open bugs in your teeth type of flyer. This aircraft will generally have a speed range of between 25 and 45 m.p.h.

The second type of aircraft is a little bit faster, is usually enclosed or semi enclosed, and has a cruising speed between 45 and 65 mph.

The third type of aircraft is the specialty type of aircraft, in that it stands out from the crowd because of its unique flavour.

The fourth type we will consider is the "real little aeroplane" - something that looks like a conventional aeroplane.

The fifth type we will rate is the powered parachute.

The following is based on over 20 years of experience in the ultralight industry, having flown several hundred different makes and models and some 16,000 hours of flying in both a recreational and training environment.

Category 1- Wide open slow bugs in your teeth!.

UltralightNews selects the Quicksilver MX Sprint
UltralightNews selects the Drifter
UltralightNews selects the Flightstar Spider
UltralightNews selects the Loehle Sport Parasol

Category 2-cross country cruisers,

UltralightNews selects the Kolb Firestar 
UltralightNews selects the CGS Hawk
UltralightNews selects Earthstar's Thundergull

Category 3-conventional little "aeroplanes"

UltralightNews selects the Hipps Kitten
UltralightNews selects the Fisher Koala
UltralightNews selects the Preceptor Pup
UltralightNews selects the Carlson Sparrow

Category 4 Specialty category - WW 1 Replica's

UltralightNews selects Airdrome Aeroplanes 
Fokker E-III Eindecker
UltralightNews selects 
Loehle Aircraft SE 5A

Category 5 Specialty category - Biplane category

UltralightNews selects the Fisher FP404

Category 6 Specialty category - Amphibian

UltralightNews selects the Aventura

Category 7 Specialty category - Powered parachute

UltralightNews selects the Buckeye Powered Parachute

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Ultralight News

Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation


1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario



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