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Loehle Sport Parasol all wood kit built single place ultralight aircraft
Loehle Sport Parasol all wood kit built single place ultralight aircraft
Empty Weight: 300 lbs.
Gross Weight: 600 lbs.
Wing Span: 25.6 ft.
Wing Area: 114 sq. ft.
Engine: 503 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 60 m.p.h.
Stall Speed: 30 m.p.h.
VNE: 85 m.p.h.
Construction: Wood
Building time: 350 Hrs.

The Sport Parasol is an all wood aircraft which
has been available since 1991. Standard features include removable wings, foldable tail, windscreen, adjustable rudder pedals, fuel tank, and large wheels. 

Options include the 447 Rotax engine, brakes, extra fuel tank, ballistic parachute, storage area, strobes, spinner instruments. 

For more information contact - 
Loehle Aircraft Corp., 
380 UF Shipmans Creek Road 
TN 37183 - 
931-857- 3419 

Loehle Sport Parasol Air Camper

Hurray! That's all we can say about the price tag attached to Loehle's high-wing, strut-braced Parasol.

A taildragger, the uncomplicated single-place ultralight may be bargain-priced, but it sure delivers in terms of performance and handling. The Loehle Parasol's design is based upon the concept of placing the pilot directly under the center of lift on the wing; the result is no change in CG, regardless of pilot weight. One need only balance the weight of the back half of the airplane against the weight of the front—i.e., the powerplant—to get her off the ground.

In addition to the bargain-basement price, other advantages to the Sport Parasol include respectable STOL capabilities (takeoff 100'; landing 150'), adjustable rudder pedals, and (again we go back to economics!) 2- to 3-gph fuel consumption.

Hit the power and (with a Rotax 447), you're in for some fun. Powerplant options range from 28 to 50 hp, by the way. There is plenty of rudder to counter torque and the Parasol hits the skies with a vengeance at over 1000 fpm and 45 mph. In my experience, the run-up to 1000' went quickly where the Parasol revealed a well-behaved stall at 30 mph. The stall was announced by plenty of aerodynamic warning and a mild break that offered no drop-off to either side without first receiving a shot of rudder. Full power, the 447-powered parasol got going at 75 mph, tops, but cruised quite nicely at 60 mph and only 5000 rpm.

Heading in, I kept 50 mph on the downwind and worked my way down to 40 mph over the fence, where the Parasol floated nicely to the threshold and responded to a bit of slip as though I had thrown an anchor over the side—this thing slips really well. In both two- and three-point attitudes, the Parasol offered excellent ground tracking and a few one-wheel touchdowns in the calm air showed there was plenty of aileron to counter future crosswinds. Landings terminated in well under 500' which, after a little practice, could be cut down if needed. Nice.

Loehle Sport Parasol Air Camper

ZOOM REPORT: All in all, the extremely affordable Loehle Parasol (a scrounger could build one for as little as $4000) is a big hit at the Zoom Family Ranch. I expected a very pleasant flyer with adequate power and handling. Instead, I found it pleasant to fly while still possessing a spirit as playful as some birds with more rowdy reps. Funny thing, though, I'd have absolutely no problem letting loose any recently soloed taildragger pilot in this thing... no dirty tricks, no bad habits. 

USA Aircraft Ratings: Loehle Sport Parasol Air Camper

  • Design/Engineering: B.
  • Ground Handling: B. A pretty mellow taildragger.
  • Flight Characteristics: B+. Surprisingly aggressive little airplane.
  • Company Profile: B+.
  • Kit/Plans: B.
  • Bang for the Buck: A. It doesn't get much cheaper than this.
  • Risk Factor: 4.
  • Final Grade: B+. Highly Recommended.

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Ultralight News

Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation


1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario



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