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Earthstar Aircrafts Gull 2000

Earthstar Aircrafts Gull 2000

Mark Bierle has refined his Thunder Gull since it's first introduction in the mid 80's. The latest version the Gull 2000 includes a larger cockpit to accommodate bigger pilots, and an 8 inch adjustable seat.

The Gull 200 has a longer nose, which can be used to house the battery and ballistic chute, which helps to keep the nose down when the plane is left parked, rather than it's normal stance back on the tail. There is also a removable panel for ease of access to the back of the instrument panel and battery area.Thunder Gull 2000

The main boom was lengthened six inches to balance the heavier nose, and allows the engine to be moved back for better airflow over the wing, and through the prop.

Flying characteristics: The Thunder Gull is very stable with very little adverse yaw. Roll rate for the new Gull 2000 (measured from a 45 degree tilt of the wing to 45 degrees on the other side while flying straight ahead) is only 1.8 seconds!

The Thunder Gull 2000 has a "G" loading of +6 and -4. This strength and docile handling combination is achieved by the use of a cantilevered (no struts) wing with a high-lift, low-drag airfoil.

  • FAR 103 legal Ultralight
  • Gross weight, 550 Pounds: +6, -4 G-Yield
  • Wing Span: 20 ft. (up to 28 ft. optional)
  • Wing Area: 95 sq ft. (up to 133 sq ft.)
  • Effective Wingspan Due to Wingtips: 22 ft.
  • Wing Loading: 5.7 Pounds per sq ft.
  • Stall Speed Clean: 26 mph
  • Take Off Distance with Brakes: 125 ft.
  • Landing Distance with Brakes: 75 ft.
  • Max. Crosswind: 20 mph
  • VNE (velocity never to exceed): 120 mph
  • Glide Ratio (power off): Lift/Drag 11.8:1
  •  60 Degree Ground Turn In 6 ft. Radius
  • Trailering Length: Length of Wing (20 ft. standard)
  • Trailering Width: 7.5 ft.
  • Trailering Height: 6.5 ft.
  • Kit Has All Prefabricated Parts
  • Kit Assembly Time: 150 hours
Standard Features: 
  • 4130 Chromoly Steel Jig-welded Roll cage 
  • Main Wheel Independent Brakes 
  • Full Cabin Windshield 
  • Counter-balanced Ailerons & Stabilator 
  • Seatbelt with Shoulder Harness 
  • Quick Trailering Cantilevered Wing 
  • Fiberglass Drooped Wingtips 
  • Fiberglass Landing Gear 
  • Fiberglass Lumbar Supporting Seat 
  • Aluminum wing 'D' Skin 
  • Cockpit Adjustable Trim System 
  • VNE 120mph 
  • +6, -4 G-Yield 
Earthstar Aircraft
P.O. Box 706, Santa Margarita,
CA 93453
Phone: (805) 438-5235

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Ultralight News

Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation


1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario



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