Firestar ultralight, Kolb Firestar, Kolb Firestar single place ultralight aircraft from the New Kolb Company.

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The New Kolb Firestar
The New Kolb Aircraft Firestar single place ultralight aircraft.

Firestar single place ultralight aircraft.

Engine ROTAX 447 - Rotax 503
Empty Weight 280 lbs. min.; 325 lbs. typically
Propeller 66 in. diameter two-blade wood
Takeoff Distance 225 ft.
Rate of Climb 650 fpm
Top Speed 70 mph
Cruise Speed 60 mph (75% power)
Wing Span 27 ft. 8 in.
Wing Area 140 sq. ft.
Length 20 ft. 3 in. (22 ft. 6 in. folded)
Height 75 in. (same folded)
Width 68 in. (folded, 2-blade prop)
Gross Weight 725 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 5 or 10 gal.
Load Factor +4 g, -2 g (limit) +6 g, -3 g (ultimate)
Stall Speed 27 mph 35 mph @ gross weight
Vne 90mph

Firestar ultralight aircraft

The Firestar was first introduced in 1993. It features a welded steel fuselage, folding wings, steerable tailwheel, spring steel landing gear, 5 gallon fuel tank and 2 blade wood prop. 

Options include the 503 Rotax engine, brakes, full enclosure, ballistic parachute, instrument, composite prop, strobe light. The craft is available in several quick build kits, partial kits and fully assembled.

Kolb Firestar

This baby is one of our favorites! How can you go wrong with excellent (360°) visibility, awesome takeoff and landing performance, and folding wings?

Using the 41-hp Rotax 447 and a two-blade wood prop, the Firestar will launch in a mere 125'—a grass strip is no problem—and will climb at 1000 fpm. Landing requires just 150'. Cruise is listed at 60 mph, top speed is 70 mph. Kolb advertises a sedate 29-mph stall.

Its dimensions are as follows: wingspan, 27'8"; length, 20'3"; and height 5'8". The doors are removable for comfortable flying in the summer. Kolb also brags that it only takes one person to take it from trailer to the air in ten minutes, no tools necessary. Assembling the kit for the first time will take about 400 hours.

The Firestar is a docile bird with a heart and soul that begs to play... really superior ground handling couples with excellent tailwheel authority to produce one of the best boony-bashing STOL ultralights ever produced. It has a very good control arrangement accessed by a single center-positioned control stick and rudder pedals. The rudder is quite dominant in this aircraft though the ailerons are plagued only moderately by adverse yaw. The Firestar has a simple stall, little propensity to spinning, and a very docile recovery mode if forced into it. Excellent in-flight visibility makes this a particularly pleasant machine to play with, and in the hands of a somewhat skilled aviator, can be flown quite aggressively. Still, it's an easy flyer for new ultralight jocks and the bird has few if any known surprises for an unprepared pilot. Oh yes, this bird loves short grass strips... that's where the original design was developed. A very pleasant machine, with pretty mild stability demands.

Kolb Firestar

ZOOM REPORT: The combination of a simple folding wing, excellent STOL capabilities, responsive controls, and a dynamite stability profile make the Firestar one of the best deals in ultralight aviation. By the way, this is a very sweet taildragger that is not at all taxing to those who are still learning the art and craft of conventional gear. It's a great aircraft by any standard. 

USA Aircraft Ratings: Kolb Firestar

  • Design/Engineering: B+. Folding-wing design is spectacular.
  • Ground Handling: B-.
  • Flight Characteristics: B+. A real climber!
  • Company Profile: A-. Very responsible, well-known company.
  • Kit/Plans: B+.
  • Bang for the Buck: A-. Very affordable, lots of performance.
  • Risk Factor: 3.
  • Final Grade: B+. A thoroughly well-designed bird. Highly Recommended.
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For more information contact, 
The New Kolb Aircraft Co. 
8375 Russel Dyche Highway 
London KY 40741 

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Ultralight News

Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation


1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario



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