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The L'il Buzzard ultralight trainer.

Top 10 reasons to consider a
 L'il Buzzard!

A decade ago or so I was in the back seat of a motor-glider being flown to a local airport for some repair work on a noisy muffler.
Control: You're unreadable, say again.
Us: I've turned off the engine, is that better?
Control: L..o..n..g pause

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Quicksilver Spring on Air Tech Floats

Quicksilver MX Sprint


No. of Seats
Landing Gear
Wing Area:
Engine (standard):
Engine (optional):
Empty Weight:
Useful Load:
Ultimate Load factor:
Kit Type:
Est. Build Time:
Field Assembly Time:
Airframe type:
Standard covering:
Optional covering:
Production Since:


Wing loading:
Power loading:
Top level speed:
Cruise speed:
Stall Speed:
Climb rate:
Take off roll:
Glide ratio:
Service ceiling:
Fuel used at cruise:

Fixed Wing
28 ft
18 ft 1 in
8 ft 10 in
156 sq ft
Rotax 447 (40 hp)

250 lbs
275 lbs

30-40 hrs

Aluminum tube
Dacron sailcloth


3.36 lb/sq ft
13.12 lb/hp
65 mph
54 mph
44-54 mph
24 mph
900 fpm
65 ft

14,000 ft
2.5-4.5 gph


  • Conventional 3-Axis Control
  • 66" 2 Blade wood propeller
  • Flexible Driveshaft Coupler for Reduced Vibration
  • Tapered Stabilizer
  • Tubular-Braced Tail
  • Triangulated Kingpost Assembly
  • Partial Double Surface Wings
  • Extra Ribs for Firm Airfoil

Designed for the entry level pilot while retaining the excitement & handling a proven pilot demands.

The MX Sprint has extremely fast roll response and handles crosswinds easily with its conventional three-axis controls. Yet it retains the docile and predictable slow flight characteristics that made the original MX famous.

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Ultralight News

Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation


1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario



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