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How to get heat from your Rotax air-cooled engine.

Challenger heaterAP-BIW* heater unit for Challenger  *AP-BIW = AIN'T PRETTY BUT IT WORKS

Here's a side view showing the three existing Rotax cover screws that were used to secure the plastic (lexan) heat collector.  

The entire box is made of scrap lexan that was cut out with scissors.  

Heater for Challenger ultralightMost of it is actually a single  piece,  bent along the lines to form the right angles, then taped with SNOWBOARD REPAIR TAPE to strengthen the bends.

Snowboard repair tape is a thick, clear tape that is incredibly pliable even in very cold weather and is very sticky.  I think it's fantastic.  I bought a role of it that was a foot wide, so I can cut it any way I want to.

View from rear.  Back is attached only by one screw.  The larger picture (click the little one) shows better where I've used one of the head bolts to attach the heater in the area of the spark plugs.

I taped only the bottom portion of the heat collector because I was too anxious to go flying and, besides, taping clear lexan is boring.

Challenger heater picture
Looking up from front area.  Just another view showing where the side of the collector is attached to the Rotax using two of the existing motor cover screws.

The cheapy dryer hose is both clamped and taped to the lexan box.  I formed a cylinder from a separate piece of lexan as a hose attachment and then taped it to the open end of the collector box with some of that snowboard tape.

Actually, most of Cloud Dancer is held together with it. Just kidding.

Click on pictures for larger view!

Challenger ultralight heaterThe cheapy dryer duct hose enters the cockpit here.  I cut out a half-moon shaped opening in the aluminum sheet and applied a strip of vinyl edging . . . the type you buy to protect car door edges.   

This keeps vibration from allowing the aluminum to cut through the plastic hose. There was just enough room here for the ducting to enter alongside all the wiring and the fuel lines.
Doesn't look like it, but there's plenty of room to pull the dryer hose up past the seat and suspend it where it will be positioned between your legs. 

The stick has full clearance bec
ause the flexible hose is, well, flexible.  It moves an inch or two either way, or back and forth, as the stick moves.

This makes for comfy feetsies and the heat seems to build in the cockpit better when it moves from the front to the back.  With both doors on, my CI gets cozy!

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