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Engine Information

The L'il Buzzard ultralight trainer.

Top 10 reasons to consider a
 L'il Buzzard!


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When was the last time you did maintenance on your K & N Airfilter? Is you filter safety wired? Click here to see how to clean and safety wire your airfilter!

Ultralight aircraft information for pilots on those rainy days.

Building an ultralight

Jerry Bunner's Painting Method

Experimental Paint For Your Homebuilt- This describes a painting method, which is highly experimental in nature, and if you choose to use this please be advised you do so at your own risk. The ONLY way to paint and finish any airplane is with certified and proven methods.
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Building an ultralight Airfield By Appt Only in Canada things you should know!
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Building a set of ski's for an ultralight  Click here
Building an ultralight hangar Click here
The Designer Series Interviews with the designs of the planes and accessories we fly and use. Click here
Buying an ultralight
Purchase agreement and liability release for aircraft. 
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Canadian ultralight aircraft bill of sale.
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Communication for ultralight aircraft
Affordable communications for ultralight aircraft owners. 
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How to minimizing noise in ultralight aircraft radios and intercoms:
Most strobe driver units are designed with filtering and internal shielding to keep radio interference to a minimum, however occasionally noise will be heard over the radio or intercom This noise is almost always caused by the way the systems have been installed. One must remember that noise does not always come from the power that is being supplied to your equipment.
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This information is provided as a guide for shielding your aircraft for the successful installation and operation of any AM radio system. Engines used in ultralight aircraft are traditionally two stroke 20 to 75 horse-power units which use a magneto to generate electric current in order to produce a high energy spark for ignition. This type of ignition is reliable and effective and used on most aircraft utilizing gasoline-fueled engines.
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Flight Training for ultralight pilots
Canadian Ultralight Flight Training Schools Click here
Ultralight Schools Click here
Flying ultralights
Flying ultralights - requires an attitude adjustment! Click here
Flying ultralights on floats!  Things ultralight pilots should know about flying an ultralight on floats. Click here
Pre-flight check lists Click here
Proper ultralight ski installation Click here
Wake Turbulence
A friend and I were flying formation with his Hi-Max leading and I flying wing. When we broke off and I dropped back, he crossed in front of me as he was descending to land. As I flew through his wake I had to apply full aileron to hold it right side up! The scary part is that it was just long enough that while holding full aileron and having nothing respond you start thinking... 
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Winter Flying - Things ultralight pilots know about winter flying. Click here
Websites on ultralight aircraft.
5 Star Ultralight Web Sites Click here
Trike ultralight home pages Click here
Ultralight Magazines and publications Click here
Ultralight Aircraft Owners and Pilots Forums index Click here!
Ultralight Pilot Association Home Pages Click here..
Ultralight Clubs Looking for an ultralight club? Click here
U.S. ultralight websites Click here
Maintenance tips for ultralights
Propeller tracking - eliminating vibration and wear Click here
Tips on cleaning your Dacron sail cloth
Safety wire installation tips!
A safer way to start your old Weedhopper "Weedhopper of Georgia" Vince Calhoun has a system just for you! Click here for more info 
Storage, trailering ultralight aircraft.
Trailers - some pictures of trailers used to transport ultralight aircraft.
Looking for an ultralight Hangar - here is a story with a number of different designs - 
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Frequently Asked Questions - answered by the BUZZMAN Ultralight aviation's most frequently asked questions
Questions....Questions... Questions. 
On an average week I get about 50 calls about ultralight aviation. Since many of these questions are asked repeatedly I thought I might do a question and answer column. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions I have received.
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Your sails a little faded? Are they safe to fly on? Click here for more information!


Make yourself visible to others when your flying...... Strobe lights make you visible! Click here for more information!

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