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Building a set of ski's for a light - ultralight. Courtesy of Plane Builder

I can't take credit for this idea... I found it in the EAA Experimenter magazine -- the December 1997 issue.  I'm sure these would work as well on most any ultralight.  If you check out my Cobra page, you'll notice I had a similar set of ski's on it.  I really put them to the test on crusty snow, and areas dug up by skimobiles.  There is nothing like being able to land on all those frozen lakes!!

Here they are, in all their glory!  Children's snowboards from the local dept. store!!  $17 each -- and not even on sale! 
I like these ones because they have grooves on the bottom to hide bolt heads in!

I whipped up a little plan and started cutting.  I just used what was available in my shop -- some 1/4 birch plywood, a couple pieces of spruce and good old white pine.

The length is 16", they are 3"deep and 7" tall. 

The piece of 1/4" ply you see running left and right on top of the bottom piece of pine, is to strengthen the pine laterally, and provide something extra strong to screw into.

Here they are glued together.  I used T-88 epoxy for everything.

I made a base out of 1/2" 9-ply birch plywood, and I epoxyed and screwed it on. 

The small strips on the top and bottom are 1/4" scraps and are to allow for the curveature of the snowboard.

Here's a view of those handy-dandy grooves to hide bolt heads in.  The slots are where the boot straps had been.

I used 1/4" grade 5 bolts, fender washers and nylon stop nuts to fasten to the board.
I used my drill press to drill the 3/4" holes I needed for my 303 axle to fit.
The left side of the ski's is the front -- it's slightly longer.
Later I will add eye bolts to the nose and tail to attatch the travel-limiting cables.
Here they are -- Tah, Dah!  I obviously had a slight lack of snow for this picture... it got warm and rainy for a week... but they fit on there nice.

Next I have to add the All-Important cables, and a bungee cord to the nose of each ski to keep the tips up.
AAAAAAAGGHH!!!  That's more like it!  Plenty of snow!
The skis worked out great!  I tried a mini-ski on the tailwheel, but found that I could hold the tail up just as well with the stick when taking off.
Now to explore some frozen lakes!!
Here's a couple pics from the original article in the Experimenter.  This fellow used sheet metal make his ski's.  See the travel-limiting cables?  VERY important!!

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Ultralight News
Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation

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