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Ultralight Pilot Association Home Pages

Canadian Pilots Associations

Calgary Ultralight Flying Club The Calgary Ultralight Flying Club COPA Flight 114 is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based club for those interested in building and flying ultralights.
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Challenger Owners Association Challenger owners exhibit an infectious enthusiasm for their aircraft. With over 3,000 worldwide, that's a lot of enthusiasm!
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C.O.P.A. The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association supports the freedom of all Canadians to fly.
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M.U.A. The MUA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and encouragement of ultralight flying and ultralight pilots in Manitoba. 
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P.U.F.A. The Pacific Ultralight Flying Association (PUFA) has been in existence since 1983. Its members are comprised of ultralight pilots, owners and others predominantly from the lower mainland. It was formed in order to create a forum for aviation enthusiasts to share experiences and exchange ideas with fellow flyers. It has long been appreciated that there are many benefits of a club made up of people interested in similar activities.
R.A.A.C The Recreational Aircraft Association of Canada
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U.P.A.C. The Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada
, is the national voice for Canadian Ultralight Pilots. The organization was formed in 1986 when the Ultralight Aircraft Association of Canada (UAAC) and the Microlight Owners and Pilots of Canada (MOPAC) joined forces. UPAC speaks for Canadian ultralight aviation interests in discussions with the federal government. We are committed to protecting the rights and privileges of all ultralight pilots and owners to assure freedom of flight in a minimally controlled flying environment. Our only focus is ultralight flying

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United States Pilot Associations

A.S.C. Aero Sport Connection Supporting the Ultralight Flying community for the good of the Community. Click here
E.A.A. EAA has the benefit of the EAA Ultralight Council, which represents a vast spectrum of ultralight aviation ... airpark owners, ultralight flight instructors, dealers, chapter presidents and fly-in chairmen. The EAA Ultralight Council is responsible for developing policy and goals for EAA ultralight programs and activities.
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U.S.U.A. United States Ultralight Association - As the world's largest ultralight association, we help make playing in the air more fun, more exciting, more economical, and more accessible. USUA members seek to "Promote, Protect and Represent" ultralight and microlight aviation in the United States. With this support, USUA serves the interests of its members and the ultralight and microlight community.
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Ultralight News
Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation

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