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BRS,Ballistic Parachute System, 10 important installation rules.

Before you work to install a BRS, be sure the parachute you choose correctly fits your aircraft. BRS specifications refer to "Gross" weight and "Maximum" speed.
Don't rely solely on empty weight and cruise speed. Gross weight determines the size of the canopy to get a survivable descent rate.

Maximum speed (usually based on Vne) assures the canopy is sufficiently reinforced to accept the opening loads when speeds are faster. Each BRS parachute is rated for both gross weight and max speed. Limits are limits!

See Specifications

Be sure the unit is located where its weight will not adversely affect aircraft center of gravity. You must do a weight and balance check before flying.

Be sure unit is mounted securely enough that it will not become loose on hard landings or while taxiing on rough terrain. The unit may remain on your aircraft a long time. Consider the abuse it will see.

Be sure rocket has a means of escaping an enclosure. Dope and 2.8 ounce fabric coverings are easily penetrated. Dacron sailcloth is much stronger. A velcro-closed panel will suffice for Dacron and one is easy to add. Plastic (for windows or turtledecks), fiberglass, or aluminum will require a BRS blow-through panel. Don't use up the rocket's energy merely penetrating. Help it get out.

Be sure the rocket has a clear path of departure. You may not know what broken parts could end up in the way (although it pays to think about this, too). However, be absolutely sure you don't have the rocket aimed at something, like support wires, tail surfaces, internal structural components, or other obstructions. Remember, the rocket leaves at a very high rate of acceleration (100 mph in the first tenth of a second!!)-make sure it can get away without interference.

Find a strong place or places to connect the airframe bridles. Airframes are strong "as a system," but parachutes induce "point" loads that airframes weren't made to accept. If one point can't handle 3-10 Gs of load, then you must use multiple connections. BRS engineers use 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 if necessary. Also consider how the airframe will be supported by the bridle(s). It is best to descend in a flight-level attitude.

7-CONNECT TO AIRFRAME TO ASSURE PITCH-UP (#2 of 3) Be sure your choice of airframe connections includes one or more point(s) that is above and in front of the aircraft's center of gravity. Assuring this means the nose will pitch up sharply on deployment (to about 70&degree;). This greatly reduces opening loads to both parachute and airframe.

8-BRIDLE ROUTING (#3 of 3)
Be sure bridle is routed efficiently, securely and esthetically. Bridles can be routed under dope and fabric covering, but must be outside of structure and free of control linkages. Bridle routing should begin where parachute exits and route to the connect point. Turns are fine, but be sure any loose bridles are secured at intervals. Nylon tie wraps at 2 to 3 feet intervals are advisable, holding well but not too well (they'll break free on deployment).

Be sure housing is routed free of engine and flight control interference and is well secured along its path.

Be sure all occupants can find, reach, and pull the handle. A neatly installed handle you can't reach when an emergency happens is useless.

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No room inside the airframe?
Use this on the exterior best for pusher aircraft and for wing top mount.

Choice for faster aircraft and can be mounted internally.

BRS 1350 LSA


The shape that defines Sport aircraft.
Small light weight fast opening, weights from 600 lbs to 1500.

BRS Ballistic parachute safety advisories - service bulletins.

Stripwound Housings for Ultralight BRS Systems (ID #001)
BRS-5 Rockets (ID #002)
Inspection of BRS Activation Handle Assembly (ID #04082004)
First Responder Facts

The following guide was designed for first responders and other emergency personnel who would respond to an aircraft accident on a vehicle that has a BRS parachute that has deployed.
Instructions for First Responders and other Emergency Personnel

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