Rotax radiator temperature control, for the 582 Rotax, 618 Rotax and 912 Rotax aircraft engines.

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A temperature control system for the Rotax 582, Rotax 618, Rotax 912 aircraft engines.

A system for controlling the temperature on a Rotax 582 liquid cooled two stroke aircraft engine.
radshutterspic1.jpg (21283 bytes)I like to cruise my R582 between 150 and 160 (Not too hot, not too cold?)Given the wide temperature variations here in Ontario, on cold days I used to add duct tape to cover parts of the oversized (excellent!) rad provided by Quicksilver.

This was a hassle, and once resulted in a small muffler burn on my arm after I had landed to remove the extra row of tape that shouldn't have been added that day.


radshutterpic2.jpg (19730 bytes)On really cold days, I close the shutter just before reducing  power on approach to raise the temp a bit. Then after power reduction, the closed shutter prevents the coolant from cooling, so the thermostat stays open.

On overshoot, the temperature will still be above 140. Of course, it's important to remember to reopen the shutters. (Thank God (or Greg) for the EIS warning light!).


radshutterpic3.jpg (18624 bytes)Now I have a cockpit controlled shutter in front of the rad. It works great! On final approach on very cold days, it is important to keep the thermostat open. Otherwise, coolant will be trapped in the rad, get supercooled, then enter the engine with a rush when power is added (and causes the thermostat to open).

This phenomenon has probably caused more than a few cold seizures.I recommend any R582 cold weather flyers to consider installing a similar system. For pictures of my homemade system, and a slicker system made from a cut down truck rad shutter, visit:

Ken Kennedy

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