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1895 10th line east of Hwy 11
Bradford Ontario

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The L'il Buzzard, L'il Hustler, and L'il Hustler SS two place ultralight trainers and light sport aircraft.

Top 10 reasons to consider a
 L'il Buzzard, L'il Hustler or
L'il Hustler SS!

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Each issue is 25 to 35 minutes in length and is live on the web for 7 days.
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Aerotrike Cobra, Rainbow Aircraft
Aerotrike Naked Cobra, Rainbow Aircraft
Aerotrike Safari, Rainbow Aircraft
AirBorne Australia 912 XT
Antares MA-32 582
Antares MA-33 912
Apex Cross 5 microlight trike
Astra HKS 700E Trike, Stellar Aircraft
Blade trike, Mainair Sports
Clipper 912 Air Creation microlight trike.
Cosmos Bison trike
Cross Country C Aeroquest trike
Cygnet trike Krucker Manufacturing
DFS Dual Trike
DFS single seat microlight trike
DTA Evolution D16 trike Rainbow Aircraft
DTA Feeling D15/430 trike, Rainbow Aircraft
DTA Voyageur II trike Rainbow Aircraft
Elan trike, Aeroquest Aviation
Escape Pod ultralight glider, Seagull Aerosports
Everest trike, Aeroquest Aviation
Exteme 3203 ultralight trike, I'm Fly'N
GTE trike Air Creation 
Northwing Coyote trike, TC Trikes
Phoenix Trikes USA  -Aerial Adventure.
Polaris Flying Boat
Polaris Skin ultralight trike
Powerlite trike U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation Center
Prowler trike, Concept Aviation
Racer 447 Air Creation
Ramphos amphibious trike
Redback trike AirBorne Australia
Rossi GTL trike Aerial Adventure
Sabre Wildcat trike
Seawing trike, J & J Ultralights
SkyCycle trike GT Manufacturing
TANARG trike Aircreation
Tukan trike J & J Ultralights
Velocity C trike Aeroquest Aviation
Velocity Trike Aeros International
Trike Schools
Microlight Aviation in South Africa The unofficial home page of Microlighters in South Africa. Updated regularly with loads of stories, pictures, events, destinations and people.
British Microlight Aircraft Association
North American Trike Schools
First Light Aviation is a premium Sport Aviation company. We offer the excellent AirBorne Windsports line of flex wing ultralights (trikes), high quality accessories and Transport Canada and ASC authorized flight training programs. We can take care of all your trike flying needs, from your first introductory lesson to thousand mile cross country trips. Click here for more information
SpeedWing Aircraft Click here for more information
Tampa Bay AeroSports is an active, full time trike school in central Florida at the large Zephyrhills airport with a 5000 square foot facility, including 2  offices, a large hanger and an upstairs one bedroom apartment  for students to stay in.

Tampa Bay AeroSports offers intensive package courses lasting 2  weeks or weekly lessons with ground school appropriate to Sport Pilot. Local airport is also a destination for GA training, skydiving  instruction as well as a glider operation.

Tampa Bay Aerosports offers sales and service for Klass trikes, Tundra trikes, X-wings,  Aeros wings and Italian line of certified strutted wings.
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TRIKEAIR AVIATION is a Transport Canada certified flight school with three qualified flight instructors. TrikeAir offers the freedom of powered flight at reasonable cost. Pilots experience the thrill of flying over the vast expanse of Canadian landscape in a versatile "Trike" aircraft. Click her for more information
World Trike Sites -
Durham Microlights
Sean Scott's  - Cosmos

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