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The Full Lotus float system has been on the market since the mid 1980's. They were designed to be light and rugged, and over the years have become one of the best selling float systems on the market.

The Full Lotus system came about because anything being built for ultralights at the time was being done by small under funded back yard operations, building floats by using the "R&D" method. With R&D standing for "rip off and duplicate." They learned they were doing something wrong when you called to complain that it didn't work or broke.

Kolb Mark III Extra on Full Lotus Floats

Full Lotus on the other hand had the finances to design and develop and test a float system, from the ground up using technology that was not available to the "R&D" group.

This system was the number 1 float system for ultralights at the time!

The following is based on knowledge from over 5,000 hours of float flying on 158 different float and amphibious ultralight style aircraft. Plus personal installation, test flying and adjustment of floats on 145 ultralight category aircraft since 1978.

Full Lotus Float Zipper Update

Common Full Lotus Float problems.

UV - The Full Lotus float mounting area is made from materials that degrade over time with exposure to sunlight. For this reason Full Lotus uses two layers of material on the top of their float in the float tube mount area. 

(Note: very early models of the Full Float only used 1 layer.)

The first layer is exposed to the UV and is sacrificed to protect the second layer. Pilot's who have floats with a damaged outer layer, or a layer that has been removed for whatever reason should inspect this area of their floats regularly.

Remember this is the area that connects your plane to the float. It is being subjected to extreme speed, and pressures during take off and landing. Inspection of the threads holding the mounting material onto to the top of the float should also be an area of inspection for UV damage.

Full Lotus Floats on Kolb Mark III Xtra

http://www.ultralightnews.com – Kolb Mark III Xtra on Full Lotus Mono Float. Dan Johnson talks to Kolb Aircraft builder Jack Krits about his unique Kolb Mark III Xtra.
Jack has built five Kolb aircraft over the years. The Kolb Mark III Xtra on the Full Lotus mono float took him about 600 hours to design and build. The designing was all in the way to mount the Full Lotus Float and to retract the gear.
The float system can be removed to make a land plane in about 5 minutes. The main gear features an electric retract, while the tail wheel does not have to be retracted.
The craft is powered by a Rotax 912S, 100 HP 4 cylinder aircraft engine.
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