Buccaneer XA ultralight aircraft - engine, prop, reduction drive.  

Winters Reduction Drive on a Cuyuna Engine.

The early model XAs used Rotax 277 single cylinder engines and 3 1 Winters reduction drives.

These drives had several problems.

They had a habit of breaking inside the spider gears. Which would result in no power getting to the prop. Not a nice thing to happen during takeoff, or landing when your not high enough to reach you intended landing site.

Would break off at the output shaft. This was a more serious problem as it could cut the rear tail wires and damage the rear section of the aircraft, where you rudder and elevator are located.

UltraProp great prop for use on the Buccaneer XA ultralight aircraft.

When the early model aircraft owners installed Ultra props they found that the props flexed and struck the trailing edge of the wing. This required a new mounting system for the engine. The motor mount on the original craft used 4 Lord mounts these were later updated to 6 mounts. Also have reports of the bolts coming loose that hold it on to the drive, or the spinner coming off. 

Another reported on going problem is with the pulleys used to route the recoil rope to the front of the aircraft. These pulleys tend wear quickly. This wear causes the recoil rope to cut into the pulley and will eventually cut the rope. A pulley used in the sail boat industry which comes with internal bearings fixes this problem and works well though is a little more expensive.

U.B. Judge 

http://www.ultralightnews.com - Ultralight Aircraft Safety Advisories -- this issue of our safety advisories was shot during a local fly in. Nothing was staged, or set up for us! We simply asked the owners if we could video tape their aircraft looking for potential problems.

As you will see there are a number of things that these pilots should address to make their ultralight aircraft safer to fly. Remember ultralight flying is different from driving a car or riding a snowmobile or motorcycle. 

A simple thing like a plugged fuel filter or a fuel pump failure in most cases just means calling a tow truck to come and get you! In an ultralight you may still have to call someone to come out and get you with a trailer -- but your ride might be a little worse for wear!

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Ultralight Aircraft Safety Advisories.

Buccaneer Amphibian XA Ultralight Aircraft