BMW aircraft engine conversion using a Rotax C drive.

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BMW R100 conversion using a Rotax C drive.

BMW ultralight aircraft engine conversion:

At this moment in time there are only 3 people in the US working on this conversion, and 3 in the UK with approved Flying installations, there are also others in Europe and South Africa. Kitplanes jumped the gun with the article--it wasn't supposed to be printed till Christmas. We have pictures available to update the web site .

Attached is some more information.
The conversion can be used on the R80 or 90 BUT for the same weight as the R100 you can have around 70HP. The conversion weighs around 155lbs installed and can be used on pushers---in this configuration the "reverse camshaft" is not required---saving around $500 on adaptor costs.

Our conversion is based on the Post 1981 BMW R100 engines ONLY adapted to a Rotax C gearbox---Not a  B or any other at this time.BMWinAVID3.jpg (195202 bytes) ---these engines have Nykasil cylinders and are lighter than others. We are using tried and tested conversion parts from approved European and African conversions.

The Overall cost of a converted R100, doing the assembly and tuning/gas flowing yourself will cost around the same as a New Rotax 582. A good BMW shop can carry out most of the assembly/tuning work---but don't mention that it will be for aircraft use-----they will run a mile and not talk to you!!!

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Parts needed are:
Good Used R100 with ALL ancilliaries---preferably from a running Bike. With the engine should come; Carbs, Alternator, Starter, Flywheel, Ignition Can, Coils,  Diode Regulator and Headers. This complete package will cost around  $1500.

Oil Cooler is a bonus--not just any old Oil cooler, as the BMW Oil is taken from the high pressure side (120psi)!!!

Exhaust Headers are useful  around $40 used--can be modified for exhaust system

Rotax C gearbox is 2.62 or 3.00 :1 cost is  around $1100 new.

Dual plugging of Heads with new Coils, Ignition Transducer, Plugs and leads around $395  (CC Products--(408) 295 0208) Try buying their catalog ($5)  very useful, contains all their
performance mods etc. don't mention aircraft!!!

The Haynes BMW 2 Valve Twins Workshop Manual  c $18.95 (CC Products)   

Gas Flowing of Heads and Increase of Comp Ratio to around 9.3:1 (highest you can go on Unleaded gas)  ----- CC Products.

CNC Machined Front adaptor Plate + CNC Steel Flywheel + Steel Ground Spigot shaft (to Rotax Donut) + Reverse Camshaft (Tractor Aircraft only)   Cost $1525. from Airdale

Engine Mount, Exhaust, Engine frame--- depending on aircraft type.  Ours is currently for the Avid.

We have the adaptor parts in stock and have several companies that can supply us with used reliable complete BMW R100. Hope you find this useful, Regards, Steve.

Send mail to Steve Winder with questions

BMW aircraft engine conversion using a C drive.

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