Thunder Chief 602 aircraft engine by Holbrook and Israel. 

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Thunder Chief 4 stroke twin cylinder Citreon aircraft engine.

Jim Holbrook and Larry Israel o to f H & I Powerplants, Inc., are pleased report that the new 4-cycle, Thunder Chief 602 engines are now being delivered to light plane enthusiasts.  
Our development of a 4-cycle power plant for an aviation application began in September of 1995. We were searching for an affordable unit that would be comparable to the 30 and 40 horsepower range of  2- cycle engines currently available. Our main objective was dependability and simplicity We also want- ed to incorporate an electric starter and alternator.  

The heart of our power plant is a factory rebuilt Citroen, 602 engine that is modified, and retrofitted with a-prop speed-reduction. We have also built into the engine a rugged electric starter with an 8 amp hour alternator. The Mukuni 34mm VM carburetors provide the final touch for power and fuel economy.  

All Thunder Chief engines are power tested on our new THRUST-DYNO system. Engine thrust, correct temperatures and all engine functions are documented in the engine log book which is provided with each engine sold at H&I Power Plants. This log book also includes maintenance schedules, adjustment settings, and vital information for installation and proper maintenance.

Factory support, replacement parts & accessories are just a phone call away.

*4 Stroke Cycle 
* Electric Start  
*Low Fuel Consumption 
* Smooth Operation  
* 3 Gear Ratios: 2.043-2.65-3.0 
* Electronic Ignition - Low Maintenance 
* Factory Break-In  
*Weight: 98 Lbs. (with accessories)  
*40 HP @ 5600 RPM 

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Ultralight News
Covering the World of Ultralight Aviation

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