Konig engine, Konig radial engine, Konig 3 cylinder radial engine.

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From July 1998 Zanzottera engines has taken over the prestigious German brand "König". Already some modications are being developed to increase theKonig engine, Konig radial engine, Konig 3 cylinder radial engine. performance of these engines without affecting the lightness and reliability that these radial two stroke engines are renowned for.

The first improvements will be a generator to recharge the battery and a new lighter electric starter. The engines will be available for delivery in early summer of 2000.

The Konig engines will complement the MZseries to enable Zanzottera to become a world leader in aviation two stroke engines. At present the new Konig range will consist of the SC430 three cylinder radial which is pictured below and the SD570, a four cylinder radial, details of which will be released shortly.

Technical specifications:
Engine type: Three cylinder two stroke radial. Konig SC430
Cooling system: Free air cooled by propeller,
Rotation: Clockwise when facing gear box. i.e. from the front in tractor format
Displacement: 430 c.c.
Bore / Stroke: 66 mm / 42 mm
Alternator output: 13.8v, 20amps.
Ignition system: Fully electronic.
Fuel metering: Bing carburetor.
Lubrication: oil, pre-mixed 50:1 in fuel. (unleaded mogas)
Output power: 20 Hp@ 4300 RPM,
Weight: 10 Kgs. Complete with all ancillaries, including battery and wiring.
Guarantee: One year or 200 hours running time.
Time before overhaul: 500 hours running time. (to be increased)
Time between de-cokes: Due to high efficiency, this engine should not normally require de-coking.
Compact Radial Engines Inc. #3 8473 - 124th Street Surrey, British Columbia Canada, V3W 9G4 604-590-2950
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