Flyke  powered parachute, Fresh Breeze powered parachutes, from Southern Skies powered parachutes.

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Flyke powered parachute.

Configuration Single seat
Empty Weight 98 lbs.
Gross Weight 360 lbs.
Canopy Span ft.
Canopy Area sq.ft.
Canopy Loading lbs. per sq. ft
Standard Engine Hirth
Power 30 hp
Power Loading 12 lbs. per hp.
Cruise Speed 28 mph.
Rate of Climb at Gross Weight 500 fpm.
Take Off Distance 100 ft.
Landing Distance 40 ft.
Kit Type - Build Time Fully Assembled
Field Set up from trailer 10 minutes 1 person
First kit delivered February 02
Standard Features  
Contact Information
Southern Skies, LLC 331 Moore Mountain Rd., Moravian Falls, NC 28654 Phone    (828) 632-6000 Cell    (828) 781 1170     (828) 635-0349

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