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The L'il Buzzard ultralight trainer.

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Kids: Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the sun. But I have never been able to make out the numbers.

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EAA Airventure airshow coverage.

Oshkosh or should it be Airventure  - in either case the ultralight section was still found down on the farm. While I have attended Oshkosh since 1978 it does not hold the same "feelings" that Sun N Fun does. Perhaps it is because Sun N Fun comes after a long cold winter, bringing warmth and sunshine  while Oshkosh comes in the middle of a long hot summer, with usually even hotter temperatures and longer days!

In past years the show started on a Sunday and ran through until Saturday. For whatever reason the folk's at Airventure decided several years ago to change the start to midweek. This in essence screws up two weeks for people covering the show, and for exhibitors. Before the change you could set out Friday be at the show sometime Saturday, which allowed you to have your booth up and running by Sunday morning. With the change you now have to leave sometime on Monday to arrive on the Tuesday to set up for the Wednesday show opening. Then since the show does not officially end until the next Tuesday, and you can't leave until the show is officially over, it means that by the time you pack up and make the trip home another week has gone by. For a small businessman the cost of attending Oshkosh can be very expensive! Especially when you consider that by the last two days most of the planes, and people have left! This year it seems that more left earlier, and fewer attended

I was a little late getting to the show this year and didn't show up until Thursday. I booked into an already packed campground, in fact I was unable to get into the ultralight camping area as it was full. The next business was to obtain press credentials, and my flight line pass, which are getting harder and harder to obtain each year. One of the items that comes with your press kit is the program. It was very interesting to note,  they have a full list of the "announcers, performers, etc." for the conventional end - but not one picture or mention of any of the volunteers from the "ultralight section". Well enough gripping! Lets get on to the show! 

When covering a show like Oshkosh you are basically looking for 
1: What's new?
2: What's changed?
3: What else needs to be written about?

What's NEW? - We will break this down into aircraft and engines. 

This year there were several new designs, or at least new to me. These included the Flying Squirrel, the MIFYTER, the Ridgerunner, the Valour A-22, the Comet, 
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There were several new engines at this years show including, two new engines available from ASAP in the MZ line, the Wankel rotary gas engine flying on several planes, a new DIESEL Wankel, Walter Mikron engines, more on the Motavia, a single cylinder Honda with the power of a 277 Rotax?
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What's been changed or updated?
Changed or updated craft included the Orbitair, the Cloudster 11, the Para-Cycle, the Valkrie, a strut braced Quicksilver, the GEN-4 single place helicopter, the Fokker DR-1, the Eureka, 
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What else?
How about a plans built hangar from LAPS, a Murphy Maverick built by high school students, building an Eros from TEAM, Father Goose, Interplane U.S.A.
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Nomad ultralight aircraft on take off at Airventure.

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