10 point ultralight rating systerm

Buccaneer XA amphibious ultralight aircraft

8. Dealer: If there is dealer within 100 miles give the plane a 10. Many factories sell direct. Unfortunately this means that you have no dealer support, for training, or parts and pieces. In some cases it means that you might not have a place close by to fly from with other pilots.

Many dealers have engine specialist on staff with many hours of trouble shooting experience. Also a dealer can teach you how to fly. These problems are generally not part of the factory support package.

2 points off for every 10 miles from dealer.

​If you have to buy direct from the factory, but a dealer near you stocks parts and pieces and offers training 8 points 

Fokker E III ultralight aircraft

9. Planes in the area: If there are a lot of that plane flying in the area, or you can talk to more than 5 owners who fly a lot then give it a 10.

2 points off for each pilot less than 5. I have never heard a mother say that her child is ugly! You are not very likely to hear a factory or a dealer tell you about the problems with their aircraft. The more people you can talk to the more feedback, both positive and negative you will receive.
​Better to make you own judgment. 

How to rate an ultralight aircraft

10. Safety Record: What is the planes overall safety record in the years it has been produced? If the type of craft you are considering has no unexplained accidents give it a 10. 

If there seem to be several accidents with no apparent cause I would be a little nervous. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get this information by word of mouth from a dealer or someone trying to sell you a plane.

Get the facts from pilots, publications or government agencies.