How to evaluate an ultralight aircraft

Beechy Breezer Ultralight Aircraft

If I were just entering the ultralight market the area of this chart that I would be most concerned about is number 8.

8. The local dealer, and his customers. If there is a dealer near you, who has been able to survive the roller coaster ride that this industry has gone through, then he/his customers should be able to supply to with information on the industry and the craft you are considering.

He/she can also supply you with parts, service, and a flying site. In my mind a craft without a dealer is like a one parent family. A mother and father (manufacturer & dealer) can supply a child (aircraft) the necessary care and attention that one may not be able to provide.

BRS saves Rans aircraft pilot

This is part one in a two part series. The second part will be dealing with used ultralights and things that you should look at on the aircraft, prior to buying. Basically it is a used aircraft buyers guide and will deal with many of the major brands of used aircraft, including those that are no longer in production.

It will also list problem areas, parts suppliers, and give an approximate value of an aircraft in Good condition/Fair condition/and the area in between.

Using part one and two together should ensure that you get the safest most cost efficient craft for your buck.
​U.B. Judge