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This year a very unique helicopter was introduced. The craft from Japan is a one man helicopter. It doesn't require a tail since it uses counter rotating blades. fly04.gif (14375 bytes)The factory prototype was powered by four ten horsepower engines, each with an electric start.

The engines were located in a circle around the output shaft, above the pilots head.
The pilot sits in a seat with his legs extending down to a nose wheel, control was via a bar which looked to move the rotor blades overhead.

When asked whether the craft could "auto-gyro" in case of an emergency where all the engines went out at the same time - which the factory reps insisted was not possible, the reply was that a BRS parachute would be installed incase something like that ever happened.

I saw it hover for a few minutes late one evening. If I could have gotten a shot of the pilots eyes for you....It lifted off and hovered about 3 feet off the ground and then started to get a little "tipsy" - the volunteers wisely decided that "it was too windy."

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Single seat helicopter
Single seat helicopter.

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