Rotax recoil problems

Rotax ultralight aircraft recoil

Recoil: Another commonly reported problem is with the Rotax recoil. Pilots have reported the recoil handle, and rope backing out of the recoil housing during flight.

In a pusher configuration this can lead to the hand becoming engaged in the prop. This problem although widely reported is not a problem that happens overnight, in most cases the pilot has noticed for some time that the recoil rope is not going back up immediately after starting the engine, or that he has to pull the handle back and forth several times to get it to go back in.

Usually a good cleaning of the recoil mechanism will cure this problem. A stronger spring is also available, and is recommended if your recoil rope is a longer length than normal, to allow for in cabin starting.

Rotax ultralight aircraft recoil spring

One other reported problem with the recoil is the breaking of the housing, where the rope enters the housing, and in a circle about 4 inches in diameter in the center of the housing. Both can be identified prior to complete destruction by looking for cracks in these areas. Some recoils can be rewelded while others must be replaced.

Hey, guys and gals if you have had a problem with your ultralight, or engine please drop me a line, include photos or pictures when possible, you could end up saving someone 
some money, or even possibly their life.