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Reg was a man of few words, and when he spoke you listened. He operated a Rotax engine service outlet out of British Columbia, working and supplying service and parts  for the complete line of Rotax aircraft engines.

But he had a soft spot in his heart for the Rotax 185, and was the North American distributor for it. Over the years he helped hundreds of Lazair owners to get their craft up and running safely.

Reg's health deteriorated very quickly in the early 90's and he passed away. His distributorship was absorbed by the Canadian distributor for Rotax engines, who stopped supplying parts and service for the Rotax 185 in early 2000.

The following are some of the newsletters Reg sent out. If you have others please email me them so that I can add them to this list.

U.B. Judge

Rotax 185 cc aircraft engine.

Reg's Advisory 1 

The taper on the low speed mixture needle is very slight, therefore it is very easy to crack the housing if the needle is forced into the seat passage with excessive force. When removing the welch plug covering the low speed circuit DON'T use a drill to drill the removal hole, you could go through and damage the casting. Use a PIN Vice.  

Reg's Advisory 2 

There have been some instances where operators have been using 50 to I gas/oil ratio mixes for the Rotax 185cc engine. These engines are used on the Lazair Ultralight Aircraft. This is not advisable. In the original configuration the Factory recommended a 25 to I mixture

Reg's Advisory 3 


Reg's Advisory 4 

Normal carburetor settings with Fuel/Oil Mixture at 30-1 or  35-1.

Reg's Advisory 5

If you experience fuel in the fuel line attached to the carburetor leaking back down the line it could be the cause of two conditions. 

Reg's Advisory 6 

In our November Bulletin  we discussed some items and some corrective measures. This bulletin lets get down to some basics on the operation of the two stroke engine in regards to how it effects us. One of the more serious problems I see as a service center is that of piston damage.

Reg's Advisory 7

STALE. FUEL; If left in the tank for more than a month, GET RID OF IT. Any sign of water or dirt remove the tank and clean it OR BE SURE ITS CLEAN. Why  take a chance on old or contaminated fuel mix. 

To clean your tank a suggested method would be to go to a automotive car wash where they have a power washer with a soap solution and clean the inside of the tank, then wash it out with clean water without the soap solution) and let dry thoroughly.  

Rotax 185 rebuilding manual
Reg's Rotax 185 Advisory section!

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