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Rotax two stroke service bulletins and Rotax 2 stroke service advisories

Service bulletin information for the Rotax 377, 447, 503, 532, 582, and 618 two stroke series of aircraft engines.
Rotax installation manual 01.07.1999 Installation Manual 447 UL SCDI-503 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI mod.99
Rotax spare parts list 01.08.1994 Spare parts list for engine 447 UL SCDI (Nr. 903)
Rotax maintenance manual 01.07.1999 Maintenance Manual 447 UL SCDI-503 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI mod.99
Rotax operators manual 01.07.1999 Operatorīs Manual 447 UL SCDI-503 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI-582 UL DCDI mod.99
UL-04-1987 01.05.1990 Ultralight engines-unexpected engine stops
UL-06-1987 01.05.1990 Engine-Instruments
UL-07-1987 01.04.1990 Fuel consumption, 2-stroke UL-Engine
UL-08-1987 01.06.1990 Influence of ambient air temperature and barometric pressure on engine performance and carb calibration
UL-11-1987 01.11.1987 Exhaust systems for 377/447/462/503/532
UL-01-1988 01.01.1988 Function test of rectifier regulator
UL-05-1988 01.04.1990 Gearbox fixation on UL-engines type 377 to 532 UL
UL-03-1989 01.06.1989 Matching a propeller to ROTAX UL-Engines.
UL-04-1989 01.01.1989 Use of tool for cageless piston pin needle bearing
UL-03-1991 01.04.1991 Daily and Pre-Flight-Check - Maintenance plan for all ROTAX engines
UL-05-1991 01.12.1991 Piston for ROTAX UL engines (2-stroke)
UL-07-1991 01.05.1991 Wiring diagr. for 447 UL SCDI and 508 UL SCDI in conj. with electr. tachometer
UL-08-1991 01.06.1991 Safety-check of the BING-carburetors used in all ROTAX UL-engines
UL-11-1991 01.12.1992 Propeller mass moment of inertia
UL-07-1993 01.09.1993 Revolution counter for ROTAX 447 SCDI
UL-04-1994 01.02.1994 Carburetor icing on UL-engines
UL-06-1994 01.07.1994 Incorrect Model fuel pumps without bleed hole, ROTAX 2-cycle engines
UL-12-1994 01.10.1994 Installation Instruction of UL Reduction gear box Type "B"
UL-13-1994 01.07.1994 Using auto fuel in ROTAX two cycle aircraft engine
UL-14-1994 01.07.1994 ROTAX two-cycle aircraft engines crankshaft failures, piston seizures
UL-15-1994 01.11.1995 Rev. counter for DUCATI ignition unit
UL-17-1994 01.06.1994 Weight, centre of gravity and moments of inertia of ROTAX UL-engines
UL-22-1994 01.12.1994 supply scope of ROTAX crankshafts
UL-07-1995 01.02.1999 New airfilter with securing tab
UL-05-1996 01.03.1997 Cracks in the carburetor socket, ROTAX 447 and 503 UL
UL-10-1996 01.05.1997 Piston pin circlip installation (2-stroke UL-engines)
UL-11-1996 01.01.1998 Engine preservation for 2-stroke- UL- engines
UL-17-1997 01.11.1997 Introduction of resistance spark plugs for Rotax 2-stroke engines
UL-20-1997 01.11.1997 New flydat configuration for Rotax UL and aircraft engines
UL-06-1998 12.10.1998 Amendment on propeller gearbox type "C" and "E" for 2-stroke engines

Rotax 582 Blue Head, series 99, two stroke liquid cooled aircraft engine.
Rotax 582 Blue Head, series 99, two stroke liquid cooled aircraft engine.

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