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Rotax engine storage cover.

I recently had to rebuild and ultralight engine, at a fair cost to the owner because it had gotten a load of water in it through the exhaust system. That's right through the exhaust system.

Wondering whether perhaps the engine had been submerged in water ( it was a float plane), I called the pilot up and enquired. His response was that although it hadn't been sunk, the plane had been left outside unprotected from the elements for close to 4 months while he was on vacation.

The owner also indicated that when he went to start the engine he found the exhaust was full of water.

Apparently rain had entered the exhaust system through the exhaust pipe outlet hole, you know that funny little tube at the end of the muffler, and because the engine was mounted above the wing the muffler had filled with water, and then the water had entered the engine via the exhaust port. Rotax engine storage cover.

A cheap remedy for the problem is to cover the engine, I read somewhere that a plastic garbage bag would do the trick but I found that a garbage bag causes condensation to form when the sun beats down on it. Another suggested solution was a canvas cover but I found it wasn't waterproof. A solution that works very well and is quite inexpensive is a backyard BAR-B-QUE COVER.

They are generally available at most hardware stores, or Canadian Tire Stores in Canada are waterproof, cheap, and come with a tightening string or cord around the bottom, are available in different sizes and come with a heat protection shield inside, so you don't have to wait around half an hour, for your engine to cool down before you put the cover on.

With a little alteration, simply closing the opening a little at the top they also make an ideal cover for your parachute, keeping it dry, and protected from harmful sunlight, and Mother Nature.  

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Ultralight News
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