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Aircraft Engine Manual and Maintenance Section: Rotax Engine Manuals

Rotax aircraft engine service, manuals, specifications and troubleshooting reports, for the Rotax 185, 277, 377, 447, 503, 532, 582 and 618 Rotax aircraft engines.
Rotax 185 ultralight aircraft engines
Rotax 277 ultralight aircraft engine manual
Rotax 377, 447, and 503 ultralight aircraft engines
Rotax 532 ultralight aircraft engine
Rotax 582 ultralight aircraft engine
Rotax 912 ultralight aircraft engine
Rotax Ultralight Aircraft Engine Service and Maintenance
Rotax 912 recommended service intervals
Rotax 582 service bulletins
Rotax 532 and Rotax 532 thermostat installation.
Your oil does make a difference! Pennzoil engine oil test!
Some tips on electrical wiring 1
Some tips on electrical wiring 2
Rotax 582 aircraft engine maintenance schedule
Rotax 618 fuel burn rate information.
Reading your spark plugs
Bing Jet chart
Rotax break in procedure
Rotax points ignition wiring diagram
Rotax Ducati ignition wiring diagram
Ignition shielding
Timing the Rotax 503 DCDI ignition aircraft engine
Timing the Rotax ultralight aircraft points ignition engines
An engine cover for your engine
Adjusting the fan on a Rotax air cooled ultralight aircraft engine
Gauges for your ultralight aircraft engine
K & N ultralight aircraft airfilter maintenance
Rotax ultralight aircraft engine maintenance schedule
Preflighting your Rotax ultralight aircraft engine
Torque specs for your Rotax ultralight aircraft engine
Rotax ultralight aircraft engine troubleshooting
Electronic shielding of ignition systems on two stroke ultralight engines.
Resistor spark plugs and resistor spark plug caps - how they can effect your engine.
Rotax ultralight aircraft engine shielding to minimize strobe noise 
Troubleshooting the Rotax air-cooled ultralight aircraft engines volume 1
Troubleshooting the Rotax air-cooled ultralight aircraft engines volume 11 
Troubleshooting the Rotax water-cooled ultralight aircraft engines volume 111
Troubleshooting the Rotax 185 aircraft engine.
Diagnosing Rotax ultralight aircraft engine piston failure 
Rotax ultralight aircraft engine fine tuning for better performance
Rotax ultralight aircraft engine Bing carb tuning
A radiator temperature control system for the Rotax 582, 618, and 912
Comparing the Rotax 582/618 to the Rotax 912
Rotax vs. Hirth - Loveman vs. Scrivner
What to do when that @#$%^ Rotax, Hirth, Kawasaki, engine won't start!
Troubleshooting the Cuyuna ultralight aircraft engine
Cuyuna ultralight aircraft engine rebuilding manual   
Solo ultralight aircraft engine rebuilding manual
Robin EC 44 PM Service Manual
Two stroke aircraft engine oils - there is a difference!
Carb heat for a Rotax engine.
Altitude compensation kit for Bing 54 Carbs
Rotax engine pre heater for the 582, 618 and 912 engines.

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