Rotax oil pump settings, Rotax 582 oil pump, Rotax oil pump set up for the Rotax 582 and Rotax 618.

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Rotax 582 oil pump set up.

I have always hesitated to write the below few paragraphs for a number of different reasons. But perhaps the below could help one person some place one day...

ALSO, I now realize as many of you know,  seems lots of people hesitate to share there ideas n findings on their helicopters (also using the 582) between them self's due to the manufacture's unique business style (sadly I now refer to him as "the helicopter Hitler")......

And perhaps the below is common knowledge, if so sorry, I personally had to find it out the hard way Perhaps the reason  is only because I am not and never have been much of a the mechanical type of guy. Rotax oil pump settings, Rotax 582 oil pump, Rotax oil pump set up for the Rotax 582 and Rotax 618.

For some un known reason, the Rotax 582 and ONLY this unmentionable helicopter seem to not be comparable. My helicopter (the CH-7 Angel) along with at least 135 more of  it's brothers n sisters uses the SAME engine with NO problems. To date, the only fatality that I know of  in the Angel was when a Italian pilot took off into the evening sun and a set of wires.......

However, even though the CH-7 Angel uses the same power plant, the manufacture of the helicopter (NOT the Rotax manufacture) recommends adjusting the oil throttle differently than the Rotax manufacture recommends.......

Now, I stress that the below Is NOT the way the Rotax operators manual recommends adjusting the 582's oil throttle. And the foto below is almost the way I have Miss Nina's throttle adjusted, which is ALSO NOT the way the CH-7 Angel manufacture recommends......

You may have noticed how an Angel smokes when it is started from being cold. My little Miss Nina does..... The Rotex company recommends adjusting the oil throttle so when the engine throttle is closed the oil throttle lever is at the left most mark. The Angel's manufacture recommends the throttle be aligned at the right most mark (hard to C in this photo) when the throttle is closed......

Not liking how Nina's EGT were always close to the red line and almost always touching the red in a decent, no matter how I jetted, I decided to re adjust against what the engine manufacture suggested and try what the air frame manufacture suggested.... Well after doing so, my EGTs were lots better, but my plug checks were scary. Nina's plugs were all gummy and agents All what I had been taught about reading spark plugs and what you should be looking for...... But still the EGT were great....

Then it dawned on me....... I decided to do a plug check with out a cool down...  I flew Miss Nina, landed quickly and Switched off the engine WithOut a cool down period. Seems to reason the low RPM of the cool down period of 2 min. would be giving me plug readings of the cool down period, Not the true readings from flight...... Any way to make a long story, I ended up compromising and not adding quite as much oil as the helicopter mfr. suggested. I now have Nina set almost exactly in-between the two marks according to plug readings I was looking for. However, with the same setting after a cool down period, still look scary, on the virge of fowling. But when visually inspecting the plugs with out the 2 minute cool down, all 4 plugs looked good n the EGTs were always in the green arch, even in a shallow decent w/power.

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