Rotax ignition timing, timing the Rotax Ducati ignition system, Rotax ignition ohms specs.

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Timing the Rotax Ducati Ignition Aircraft Engines

Several years ago Rotax changed the ignition system they used on their aircraft engines from points and condensers to capacitor discharge ignition or CDI for short.

On the first engines the TRIGGERS were bolted into place, allowing for NO adjustment in the timing of the engine.

Current models have slotted ends on the triggers which means that the engine timing can be checked and adjusted if necessary.

To properly set the triggers a dial indicator with extensions and rollers is required - Rotaxdcditim (2).gif (57286 bytes) has a kit which while expensive does the job - part # 414-1047.

To set the TRIGGER in the correct location requires the insertion dial indicator into the magneto spark plug hole - the dial indicator MUST has a roller contact or roller ball on the end of the extension arm, due to the angular spark plug hole.

You only need to install the dial indicator into the magneto hole, since it is used to set both sides of the engine.

Once the indicator reads correctly for the engine you are working on you simply move the TRIGGERS so that they are as indicated in the above diagram.

Once set in the proper location make sure that the air gap is also correctly set to .020 thou.

Rotax 447 - .066 BTDC measured vertically Rotax 503 - 069 measured at a 30 degree angle
Rotax 582 - .078 BTDC measured at an 18 degree angle Rotax 618 - .059 measured at an 18 degree angle

Caution: Whenever doing the ignition timing always check the triggers for continuity to make sure that they are not grounding out. The red trigger should measure 50 ohms while the red/white rigger should measure 130 ohms.

To do an Ohms check on the CDI system refer to service bulletin 999-695 which has all the OHM measurements to troubleshoot the Rotax "E" box.

Do not cranks the engine over while the spark plugs are not grounded or you could blow your "E" boxes!

Pre-Flight Check of Ignition:
You can do a quick preflight check of the ignition by bringing your engine up to 3,000 rpm and turning one ignition off then the other - you may notice a drop in rpm on one side and a gain on the other this is normal - a drop or increase in the tachometer reading does not indicate a problem with your ignition!

Transducer supply windings on stator Green to White 230 - 280 ohms
Auxiliary windings Yellow to Yellow 0.3 - 0.35 ohms
Pickup Red to White or Ground (old-hole) 50 - 70 ohms
Pickup Red to White or Ground (new-slotted) 140 - 180 ohms
Pickup Grey to White 30 - 35 ohms
Transducer-Secondary windings Plug wire to plug wire 4,800 to 6,800 ohms
Insulation of plug wire Plug wire to ground Open
Engine Stop Switch/Stop Position Yellow/black to white or ground Short
Engine Stop Switch/On Position Yellow/black to White or ground Open
Lighting Coil Output 3000 RPM 140W A/C

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