FP 505 Skeeter aircraft plans, Fisher Flying Products FP505 ultralight, experimental and light sport aircraft plans.

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Flying the FP-505 Skeeter

FP 505 Skeeter aircraft plans, Fisher Flying Products FP505 ultralight, experimental and light sport aircraft plans.

Once you are in the cockpit of the FP-505, you canít wait to get into the air. In a short distance of 150 feet you are air-borne and climbing at 800 feet per minute. With the wings above you, the visibility is excellent, and youíre rewarded with a clear view of whatís around and below you. Even at the slowest speed, the FP-505 maintains the flight characteristics that make for safe, enjoyable flying. Optional brakes assist in shorter take-off and landing rolls.

High wing, Open cock-pit

This affordable light plane combines two of the most coveted virtues for flying purists: a high wing and an open cock-pit.

The pylon-mounted high wing leaves the cockpit essentially unenclosed, offering the pilot spectacular visibility and the freedom of an open cockpit design. Fueled by a 40 horsepower Rotax, the compact FP-505 delivers plenty of go once you get up.

Shock-absorbing gear and geodetic construction contribute to a sturdy aircraft in an exceedingly affordable price range.

FP-505 Skeeter Specifications

Wing Area 112 sq. ft.
Length 16'6"
Fuel Capacity 5 gal.
Design Loads +4.6 -2.3g
Engine 2SI 460-35
Drive Type Geared
Reduction Ratio 2.58-to-1
Gross Weight 500 lbs.
Empty Weight 240-250 lbs.
Max. Pilot Weight 200 lbs.
Construction Time 500 hrs.
Field Assembly Time 15 min.
Cruise Speed 55-60 mph
Stall Speed 26 mph
Climb Rate
700-800 fpm
Glide Ratio
Takeoff Run
P.O. Box 468 - Industrial Park  
Edgeley ND 58433 
Tel. 701-493-2286 

FP 505 aircraft plans, Fisher Flying Products FP505 ultralight, experimental and light sport aircraft plans.

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