Poor Boy Ultralight Aviation ultralight aircraft plans, Poor Boy light sport aircraft plans.

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Poor Boy light sport aircraft plans.

This Aircraft is designed as an introductory Ultralight. Goals of the
design are simple construction technique, and low cost.

 The PoorBoy aircraft comes in three models or "versions".; The PB-U,
 the PB-1, and the PB-H.; When you receive the plans you get all three
 options information.; The specifications will vary for the versions
 on rate of climb, weight, engine, takeoff, etc.; all the versions
 are pretty much the same in appearance.

 Handling qualities are intermediate ultralight.

 PoorBoy Ultralight design goals:
 Folding tail & easy wing removal, a wing fold attachment is available.
 Wingspan 25' (27' option)
 Wing Area; 125 sq/ft, (135 sq/ft. op);
 Wing Cord 5';
 Engine 35 to 52 HP.;
 Length 20', Width 25', Height 6'
 Never exceed speed 80 mph.
 Building time 450 hrs.

Construction Method:
The PoorBoy series are constructed with aluminum tube as the primary; material, some 4130 steel parts are used in critical areas, and the covering is fabric.; Every effort is made to keep the cost down, the; building simple, and the construction time as short as possible.

Tools required are what most guys have in their homes if your are building with Kit #1 (premade steel parts), you would need to borrow; or purchase a few things like cable swedge and pipe bender.; The; steel parts fabrication are not difficult but you need access to a; press, slip roll and welder.

A parts kit is available that has prefabricated parts such as the  hang cage bow, tail post assembly, control horns etc., these are tack welded and will require the finish welding (Kit #1), or completely  welded kit also.;

None of the kits are necessary to build the  airplane, they are offered to make things go faster if you wish,  (saves about 50 hrs).; A more advanced parts kit is also available  with wing ribs etc. and is a customer request type Kit.

PoorBoy Concept:
The concept of the PoorBoy is to make aviation available to those on  a budget, to keep construction time short so that the project will  show results fast enough to keep interest alive and fun while  building.

Materials list include 6061 T-6 aluminum, some 2024 T-3  aluminum, 4130 steel for some parts, hardware, fabric covering  w/supplies, and the engine.; A few general hardware items like  wheels/tires are used.; Aircraft grade hardware is required for all bolts, turnbuckles, etc.

You can expect to pay about $ 2500.00 for  materials to build the airframe of this aircraft and this does not  include the engine or covering.; Cost will vary depending on which  of the models you choose, PB-U is used for pricing here.

The plans are $ 250.00 (see plans cost sheet PG-4) and include  drawings, materials list, and in-depth construction Manual.; These  plans are written for the first time builders, if you are an  experienced builder/flyer the instructions may appear unnecessarily  detailed.

Covering & paint about $350.00 (paint depends a lot on what process  you choose), the engine "kit" is under 2500.00 for a new engine for  the PB-U. Materials are available from suppliers like Wicks (1 800  221-9425) and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty (1 800 824-1930). We sell  2SI engines, others like Kawasaki and Rotax work well. With misc  freight etc. you should be able to build the plane easily for under  $7500.00 and could cut that down if you found a used engine and
 inexpensive paint.

Safety: The PoorBoy tries to use materials and procedures that have  been in use on Ultralights in the past, thus we gain some experience  of others general safety history.; We encourage a parachute system.

 Clearly Safety is the big concern.; Flying Ultralight aircraft can be  a risky activity, a person needs to be acutely aware of the dangers  to life and limb.; PoorBoy Aviation takes no responsibility for your  safety in this endeavor, these plans are available with that  understanding. This design will show how to build ultralight  aircraft based on the flying prototypes that PoorBoy Aviation flies  itself.; If you do not have enough experience to evaluate building  and flying one of our designs it is strongly suggested that you take  the information and plans to someone with sufficient knowledge that  you trust to help you with an evaluation of this activity.
 Some information sources would include Ultralight Flying clubs such  as EAA locals or the EAA national and Ultralight Pilots that are  actively involved in the sport.
 PoorBoy version (the PB-U is "intended" to be part 103 compliant).  These Ultralights do require state registration (usually), a  knowledge by the pilot of aircraft rules and regulations, and of  course the knowledge and skill of pilot in command.

The PoorBoy is a good performer, it is not meant to be an eloquent or  deluxe aircraft, if cost is not a factor in your decision then you  may like to consider purchasing one of the already existing  Ultralight Aircraft on the market.; Generally look toward aircraft  and companies that have some in business history and the model of  craft that you are interested in has been in production for some time with a trackable reputation for safety.

There are some pretty good  ones out there but of course the cost goes up. Just as a general  recommendation example to consider try some of these: Quicksilver,  Kolb, Challenger, Rans, Titan, Fisher, T-Bird, and ...others.

These are companies that have established a product reputation and  safety record. A note of caution when looking at "used" ultralight  aircraft, pay attention to alterations from the original specs and  previous damage/repairs.

PoorBoy Aviation
5920 62nd St. SW
Minot, ND 58701-8814
701 833-8029

Poor Boy Ultralight Aviation ultralight aircraft plans.
Poor Boy Ultralight Aviation ultralight aircraft plans

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