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Ultralight News is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, ultralite aircraft, ultralight planes, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt or kit built aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as microlight trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.
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Cloud Dancer ultralight, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

The US Aviation Cloud Dancer is a single seat low wing ultralight motor glider in a pusher configuration. It is a taildragger with center mounted stick and and left hand throttle. The rudder control system uses ruddervators and the wing is equipped with spoilerons. It has an 80% double surface cantilever wing with 132 square feet of wing area.

The plane is powered by a 277 Rotax  28 hp engine, using a 2.24 to 1 Rotax reduction drive, and has electric start, which allows the pilot to shut the engine off and then restart in the air. It first flew at Sun in Fun in 1996, and was being produced by TEAM aircraft.

When TEAM was unable to produce the Cloud Dancer in kit form Jim Collie the designer formed AeroDreams to produce it under license from U.S. Aviation who also produced the SuperFloater sailplane.

"The concept was to produce a reasonably priced motorglider with a 20:1 glide angle and a 200ft/min sink rate - a blend of good performance and responsive handling. And an 18:1 glide angle has been achieved with the Rotax 447 engine giving a 700ft/min climb rate. It is economical using 1.25 gallons/hr at 60mph and takes off in 200ft.

Another important consideration was for it to be stored a transported easily and it will fit into a double garage with its 20ft fuselage and 201/2ft wings. And it's user friendly with a 420lb empty weight."

Unfortunately Jim was killed while flying the Cloud Dancer when bonding failed in the main wing spar laminations. The project sat on the shelves for a number of years and then a new version called the Cumulus was introduced by Dave Ekstrom.

Cloud Dancer ultralight motor glider specifications and performance data.

Empty Weight: 252 lbs
Gross Weight: 520  
Wing Span: 40 ft

Wing Area: 132 sq ft
Engine: 277 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 50
Stall Speed: 27
VNE: 70
Construction: Aluminum tube dacron, bolt together
Building time: Factory built
Manufacturer: U.S. Aviation

Cloud Dancer ultralight motor glider.

Cloud Dancer ultralight motor glider, Ultralight News newsmagazine.


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