Easy Riser, Easy Riser ultralight, Easy Riser ultra lite bi plane, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

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Eazy Riser ultralight bi-plane, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

Larry Mauro, one of the pioneers of ultralight aircraft and the designer of the "Easy Riser" hang glider has teamed up with Bill Lishman AKA "Father Goose.”  Lishman gained fame in the late 80's using an Easy Riser to lead flocks of geese.  His autobiography "Father Goose" was the inspiration behind the Columbia Pictures film "Fly Away Home."

The two pioneer ultralight flyers will produce a limited edition of replica Easy Risers of the exact same design originally used by Lishman in his goose-flight experiments and as seen in Lishman’s award winning documentary C'mon Geese and also in Columbia Pictures hit film Fly Away Home. The original design by Mauro was modified by Lishman to greatly strengthen the craft and make it a practical flyer. 

Lishman and Mauro had spoken on the phone over the years but first met in person at Airventure ‘99 in Oshkosh this past August. Mauro was quite taken with Lishman’s modifications, which include a clear wing covering and polished aluminum leading edge. 

The combination of polished metal ribs and the clear polyester covering gives the craft a look that combines modern technology with the bi-wing shape that is reminiscent of a Wright flyer. 

Unlike the early Easy Riser ultralights, these modifications include an elevator, eliminating weight shift control.  Lishman says the under two-hundred pound craft is a great flyer that can be soared like a glider and is so agile that only a quick goose can out- turn it.  It meets all the requirements of a true Far 103 Ultralight.

The plan is to only sell completed and test-flown aircraft with Mauro and Lishman personally signing each unit.  Each craft will come complete with trailer, wing covers, and checkout instruction. Only twenty-five craft will be produced and part of the income from the joint venture will help support Operation Migration Inc.

Operation Migration is the non-profit organization co-founded by Lishman which plans to lead a flock of Whooping cranes by ultralight aircraft on a new migration route with the hopes of establishing a second (insurance) flock of this highly endangered bird.

More information is available at http://fathergoose.durham.net   

Eazy Riser ultralight bi-plane

Empty Weight: 120 lbs.
Gross Weight: 320 lbs.

Wing Span: 30 ft.
Wing Area: 170 sq. ft.
Engine: Mac 101
Cruise Speed: 25/30 mph.
Stall Speed: 20 mph.
Construction: Alum tube/mylar
Building time: 400 hrs.
More information is available at http://fathergoose.durham.net 

Easy Riser, Easy Riser ultralight, Easy Riser ultra lite bi plane, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

Eazy Riser ultralight bi-plane. Eazy Riser
Larry Mauro, designer of the "Easy Riser"
Eazy Riser ultralight bi-plane. Eazy Riser Larry Mauro, designer of the "Easy Riser"

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