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Ultralight News is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, ultralite aircraft, ultralight planes, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt or kit built aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as microlight trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.
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Teman Monofly ultralight, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

Landing is easy due to the soft forgiving suspension and touchdown is at 30 to 35 mph. The wings detach for easy storage. Assembling the Monofly requires no tools and takes only 10 minutes. The Monofly may be certified or flown as an ultralight.

The Rotax 503 is a modern state of the art engine. It is powerful, reliable, quiet, non vibrating two cylce.

This engine can develop over 300 lbs. of thrust and has cross flow cooling. It is capable of 47 HP at 6350 rpm. At cruising speed the throttle setting is at 50% to 60%. The Rotax engine will deliver hundreds of trouble free hoursof flying.

The Teman MonoFly comes with a 2 to 1 reduction unit and a 52 inch diameter by 34 inch pitch prop.
The Rotax engine is complete ready to fly including a carburetor, fuel pump, exhaust, muffler, and built in 140 watt generator.

MonoFly Specifications
Wingspan 30' 9"
Wing Area 124 sq ft
Length 17' 2"
Empty Weight 250 lbs
Gross Weight 550 lbs
Stall speed 25 MPH
Max speed 63 MPH
Engine 22-50 HP
Seats 1
Original manufacturer Teman Aircraft Hawaiian Gardens CA

Monfly ultralight

Teman Monofly ultralight, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.


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