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Ultralight News is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, ultralite aircraft, ultralight planes, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt or kit built aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as microlight trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.
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Eagle weight shift ultralight, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

This aircraft was flown on 26 flights from May 1981 to July 1982 by Arthur M. Simpson and Harold B. Simpson of Hoopeston, Illinois. It was hangared at the Crow Airport in Milford, Illinois. The Simpsons report that the Eagle was a pleasure to fly in low wind conditions and had superb short take-off and landing capabilities.

The aircraft could hover or even fly backwards in the right wind conditions. Although the service ceiling of the aircraft was 10,000 feet, the Simpsons' highest flight was to just over 3,000 feet. The typical take-off roll was 90 feet, but the shortest they ever experienced was a mere 5 feet!

The rate of climb was 450 feet per minute, the sink rate was 325 feet per minute, and the glide ratio was 7 to 1. The landing roll-out was normally 70 feet.

The flight surfaces of the aircraft are made from 4 ounce stabilized Dacron, while the cabling is stainless steel. All tubing is 6061 T6 anodized, while the bolts throughout are AN 5-8.

The two Talon engines were slaved to a single drive shaft through two centrifugal clutches. The drive system could operate on either engine, since the clutches disengaged in the event of a power loss in either engine.

Thrust was produced by a 54" propeller. Fuel capacity was just under 3 gallons.

American Aerolites Eagle Weight shift ultralight

Empty Weight: 170 lbs.
Gross Weight: 435 lbs.

Wing Span: 35. ft.
Wing Area: 175 sq.ft
Engine: Cayuna 215 R
Cruise Speed: 32 .mph
Stall Speed: 25 .mph
VNE: 55 .mph
Construction: Aluminum tube/dacron/bolt together
Building time: 75 .hrs
Original Manufacturer American Aerolights

Eagle ultralight, American Aerolites Eagle Weight shift ultralight, ultralight, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

Eagle weight shift ultralight Eagle Ultralight aircraft. American Aerolites Eagle
Eagle weight shift ultralight Eagle weight shift American Aerolites Eagle

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