Waspair ultralight, Waspair Tomcat ultralight, Tomcat ultralight aircraft, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

Ultralight News is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, ultralite aircraft, ultralight planes, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt or kit built aircraft in the United States and Canada. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as microlight trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.
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Tomcat ultralight, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

Waspair Corp. TOMCAT

A high-wing pusher aircraft, the Tomcat is controlled by a unique all-moving canard which is operated by a center-mounted stick. The straight upswept main wing is supported by two dihedral wings swept 13 degrees back, which are major lateral stabilizing surfaces.

The dihedral wings, being effective as fins by providing side area aft of the center of gravity, also tie the roll and yaw reaction of the aircraft together, producing a single coordinated roll/yaw response to a control input or wind gust.

The all-moving canard wing, while providing inherent logitudinal stability, controls pitch and roll/yaw. Its angle of attack controls pitch, while sideways tilt controls roll/yaw.

Tomcat's fuselage is a single four-inch diameter aluminum tube to which the dihedral wings, engine mount, canard, seat and landing gear are attached, while control linkages run inside the boom. The undercarriage is of light tubular construction with integral rubber shock absorbers.

The tricycle landing gear wheels are nylon-hubbed, ball bearing mounted and fitted with light weight pneumatic tires and tubes, and the nosewheel is connected to the control system for steering purposes.

A Cuyuna 430R (30 hp., 429 cc.) twin-cylinder engine with 2.0 reduction, dual ignition and recoil restart capability powers the aircraft, driving a 54 x 29" hardwood prop. A direct-drive engine is also available as optional powerplant.

The engine is rubber shock mounted, and its thrust line is such that no trim changes occur from power on to power off. A T-handle throttle control is positioned for left hand operation.

The engine, seat, fuel tank, landing gear and all control linkages remain intact as one fuselage module, and the landing gear can be removed, if desired, for transporting on a car roof rack.

The kit came complete with presewn, Dacron wing coverings, cut-to-length tubing, cable, cable adjusters, swages and swaging tool, formed and bent parts, both tube and sheet, are cut and shaped. Also provided are preformed brackets and fittings, welded, brazed, milled or otherwise specialized parts are prefabricated, all hardware, engine, propeller, fiberglass bucket seat, plans and instruction book, and a flight training manual and log book. Flight instruments were not included.

Waspair Tomcat ultralight

Empty Weight: 235 lbs.
Gross Weight: 595 lbs.
Wing Span: 30 ft.
Wing Area: 175 sq ft.
Engine: 430 Cayuna
Cruise Speed: 45 mph.
Stall Speed: 20 mph.
VNE: 60 mph.
Construction: alum/tube/dacron
Building time: 100 hrs.
Waspair Corporation: TOMCAT  

Waspair ultralight, Waspair Tomcat ultralight, Tomcat ultralight aircraft, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

Waspair Tomcat ultralight


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