Diehl XTC ultralight, Diehl XTC ultralight aircraft, Diehl XTC amphibious ultralight aircraft, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

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Diehl XTC amphibious ultralight, ultra lite aircraft, amateur built, experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

The Diehl AeroNautical XTC is a single seat amphibious aircraft built in the early 1980s. It featured a KFM 107 engine in a pusher configuration, mounted between two vertical tails. The Diehl AeroNautical XTC was one of the first ultralight style of aircraft to be produced from composites.

It has a three axis control system, with the elevator located on the canard surface forward of the pilot. The twin rudders are operated via foot pedals, and spoilers aid in roll control. The Diehl AeroNautical XTC has a semi-enclosed cockpit.

It has a retractable tricycle landing gear, with a steerable nose wheel. The Diehl AeroNautical XTC has suspension on all three wheels and main wheel brakes.

The Diehl AeroNautical XTC was reported to have been stress tested to, + 8G's and -8 G's.

The craft had a number of problems, it was underpowered, especially for an amphibian. Water tended to come over the candard and wing during taxi, and take off. It was also very pitch, sensitive.

The KFM engine made great boat anchor, but it was not something that most pilots would want to fly with.

Diehl XTC amphibious ultralight aircraft

Empty Weight: 240 lbs.  
Gross Weight: 510 lbs.

Wing Span: 32 ft.
Wing Area: 155 sq. ft.
Engine: 107 KFM - 2 to 1 belt drive
Cruise Speed: 55 .mph
Stall Speed: 25 .mph
VNE: 70 .mph
Construction: Composite construction
Building time: 400 .hrs
Original Manufacturer Diehl Aero Nautical

Diehl XTC ultralight, Diehl XTC ultralight aircraft, Diehl XTC amphibious ultralight aircraft, Ultralight News newsmagazine.

Diehl XTC amphibious ultralight aircraft



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